The Guild – What a Ride it Has Been!!


Winona and I didn’t know just what to expect that morning in October 2003 when we walked into the Encanto Class room to begin the Las Guias class. As we look back today WHAT an incredible journey we have experienced. Over the last 11 years as Guild members It has been a life changing experience for us in many ways. The education, the trips, the Fair, the Book Sale, the Museum Exhibits, guiding, holding the various board positions, and most of all the PEOPLE, it has always been about the people. Being a part of the team devoted to the mission of the Museum and Guild. PRICELESS!!

There were two special and unforgettable experiences I will always remember. About 8 years ago the MEDAL OF HONOR recipients held their annual conference in Phoenix. I was asked to take 33 of the 75 on a special tour of the Museum and exhibits. I got to meet each of them individually and talk with them for over 3 hours. Many have since passed. What an honor it was for me to be in their company. The second memory was about 6 years ago when Winona was diagnosed with Lymphoma. We shared her illness with the Guild which turned out to be the most supportive, loving and caring group you could ever imagine. It was an important element in her recovery. The Guild rallied around us and we had a second family. We have been a part of many organizations, but the Guild is the most caring, supportive, devoted, and passionate group of people we have ever been associated with. Long lasting friendships, always there for you and willing to help. We will always be grateful we had this opportunity to be a part of the Museum and Guild, it will always be special to us. WHAT A RIDE IT HAS BEEN!!

Rod and Winona Passmore