“Heardies” Go To The Santa Fe Art & Cultural Markets

SFIM14I just returned from Santa Fe where I attended the Santa Fe Indian Market and the IFAM (Indigenous Fine Arts Market). This was the first year there were two venues for artist. The traditional market was held in and around the famous Santa Fe Plaza and the IFAM used the newly renovated Railway as their venue, and featured many of the younger artists.

The weather was ideal with blue skies, puffy white clouds and temperatures in the mid-80’s. It was so much fun bumping into Guild members and Heard Museum Staff among those strolling and visiting with the Artist or gathered around the stages watching the performances. Even more fun was gathering with the “Heardies” at cocktail parties and group dinners where we could all share our experience of the Santa Fe markets and enjoy some wonderful meals in one of the many fine restaurants in town.

This is my fifth trip to Santa Fe. I would have never known what I was missing if I did not sign up for and take a Guild trip to Santa Fe, and also become involved in volunteering for a Heard Guild Indian Fair & Market committee. If you have not yet considered taking a Guild trip, take a look at the itinerary for the Guild December Trip to Santa Fe, and think about volunteering for one of the many IF&M committees that are involved in making the Heard Guild Indian Fair & Market happen.  Meet some great like-minded people and choose the committee role that fits your lifestyle, schedule,  and best utilizes your talents and speaks to your passions.

Maybe I will bump into you next year at the Santa Fe Market.