Kid’s Say The Darndest Things On School Tours

School_Tour_-_1We have many Las Guias members who have had careers in education, and you would think they have heard it all in the classroom. However they continue  to delight in the candid comments that kids are known for when they are guiding our student visitors.

Here’s a story about one of the student tours a Las Guias member shared with us…and it is a real chuckle.

“As I guided a group of enthusiastic fourth graders from their bus toward the Museum one little girl exclaimed , “These buildings look just like Paris”  and her friend chimed in “This Museum is just like my LDS temple!”  Their delight continued throughout the morning!  These experiences  as described through the eyes of our young guests keep me on my toes and excited to be a member of Las Guias.” Mary Endorf

Student tours are just one of the reasons becoming a Las Guias member is so much fun and fulfilling.  The adult visitors are fun as well as rewarding.

Find out more about our “Las Guias” Heard Museum docent program HERE.  It might be just what you are looking for!