2014 Guild September



SEPTEMBER 17, 2014



The meeting was called to order at 10:00 am by President Susan Kolman. Susan welcomed attendees and requested that each member of the Guild Board come to the podium and introduce themselves. She then recognized 12 new Guild member and had each of them stand and introduce themselves. Susan thanked the Museum Cafe for providing the refreshments at the first meeting of the season as it has done for several years.


David Rothberg introduced our speaker James Pepper Henry who gave an update of museum happenings over the summer and plans for upcoming exhibits. JPH recognized the members of the Development team: Natalie Vandeventer, Lynn Donahue, and Rebecca Simpson, Debbie Drye, Crystal Burnett and Allison Lester.

He reviewed the BUILD! exhibit which brought in a sizable increase in museum visitors over the summer and over 100 new family memberships.

He also reported that the Museum will be joining the First Friday activities starting in October. The evening, ‘Cruise Control at the Heard’ will include music provided by a DJ, a classic car group of lowriders, break dancers and refreshments available at the Courtyard Cafe and the Cantina.

An exhibit of Frida Kahlo’s photographs is scheduled to open in October 2015.

He reported that the Museum Board of Trustees passed the 2014-2015 budget.

Ann Marshall reviewed the upcoming exhibits including George Morrison, Beautiful Games: American Indian Sport and Art, Time Exposures: Picturing a History of the Isleta Pueblo, Lolama:Expression in Metal, Ink and Clay. She also spoke about the family friendly exhibit planned for next summer: Super Heroes: Art! Action! Adventure!

Lee Peterson thanked the Guild members for all they do for the Museum. He also spoke about the upcoming Moondance gala and the raffle of a Ranger belt set by Jesse Monongye.


David Rothberg moved that the minutes of the April 16, 2014 meeting of the Guild be accepted. The motion was seconded by Rod Passmore and approved by a majority.


Mary Bonsall reported that the Guild Budget for 2014-2015 had been approved by the Guild Board on September 10. The treasurer’s report is available online and is posted in the Guid Room. A motion was made by Tim Gercke that the budget be approved. The motion was seconded by Sandra Eiker and approved by a majority.




Artifacts will no longer be e-mailed to members and will be available on the Guild website. For members who do not have an email address listed with the Guild, copies will be made and placed in their folders in the Guild Room.


Christy Vezolles reported that the Book Sale is scheduled for December 5-7. Art donations are up this year, but more jewelry is needed. Donita Beckman is recruiting volunteers.


Diane Leonte spoke about the new Guild website which was redesigned and updated over the summer to take advantage of new technology and to make sure members are kept informed. She demonstrated various parts of the site and encouraged members to use the handout provided to write a blog to post as a way to recruit new members.


Richard Borgmann demonstrated how members can log in to the members only section of the web page to post hours and review other documents.


Shelly Mowry thanked Heardies for their gifts after the big fire on the Navajo Reservation. She explained that some money had been used to help several Grandmothers replace the sheep they lost. They raise the sheep for wool for their weavings.

She reported that the November Santa Fe trip is sold out and a duplicate is open for December.

The Alamos trip is also sold out. She spoke about other trips being planned.


Pat Kilburn reported that there will be a kick off for the Fair which is “Celebrating he Art of Basketry” at the January meeting. She outlined some of the new things that will be introduced this year.


Sheila Mehlem announced that the Fall education exchange and tune-up will be on Monday, October 20. Lunch can be preordered from the Courtyard Cafe.


Lucille Shanahan announced the Staff Appreciation Luncheon, “Attitude of Gratitude” will be on Friday, November 7. This year she is planning a special project and is looking for almost 100 members to volunteer to write a personal Thank You note so each employee will receive their own.


The Pai Nation course has a few openings. It is scheduled for October 16, 23, 30.

The Native Peoples of the Southwest course will be offered twice. One session of classes is scheduled to meet on Saturdays.


David Rothberg announced the speaker will be Todd Bostwick, who was an archeologist at Pueblo Grande prior to his retirement. Hi topic is “Salt and its Trade Throughout History.

the meeting adjourned at noon.


Respectfully submitted,

Claire C. Warshaw, secretary