2014 Guild January


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The meeting was called to order by President Rod Passmore at 10:00am. He thanked the Information Desk for providing the refreshments. He welcomed two new members. He informed the membership of the death of two long time active members of the Guild. Marilyn Applebaum was a long time member who was active as a Library volunteer and passed away in November. Stephen Field another long time member passed away in November. Our sympathies go out to their families.


Elinor Rothberg introduced our speaker, Ravae Johnson, Gifted Education Coordinator for the Laveen School District. Elinor first met Mrs. Johnson through the Speakers Bureau of the Heard Museum when Elinor presented programs to her students. In that capacity, Elinor felt she would be able to share valuable information to the Guild concerning Native American students.

Ravae gave a very detailed picture of education for Native American students in an old school system that is located just west of South Mountain and next to the Gila River Reservation. The area is in a place that has seen tremendous growth and change as the city of Phoenix has grown around it. She talked about the many hats she wears as part of the Gifted Program and also the Title VII Coordinator for Native American Students. She stressed the inclusion of the parents as necessary and vital to the program. She values the connection with the Heard Museum and includes parents in these Field Trips and also in monthly activities at night to which families are invited. The Guild collected books for their Library and she expressed her thanks and delight.


Marilyn Brooks moved that the minutes from the November 20th meeting of the Guild be accepted. The motion was seconded by Hank Short and approved by a majority.


Jack Brock, Treasurer, reports a total of $267,633 in our accounts. There is $11,000 in the restricted Special Events, $14,257 in Student Workshop, and $46,195 in Scholarships and Grants. Our finances are on track for the time of the year. Income from the IF+M artist fees is in but not expenses. The big question is always concerning attendance at the Fair. The Treasurer’s Report will be available online and posted in the Guild Room as of Jan. 16th.


Rod talked about the upcoming vote today on two changes to the By-Laws. The vote was delayed by an extra 30 days due to the fact that it needed to be posted in Artifacts for 30 days prior to the vote. The changes have been publicized for 60 days and a discussion group was held on December 11, 2013 in Encanto.


Richard Borgmann will be acting as Parliamentarian due to the illness of Jerry Bryan. Richard explained that each proposal would be voted on separately. First a motion will be made, discussion will follow and then a hand vote would be taken. In order to pass, a motion must have a two-thirds vote of those present.

The first proposal asked that Articles VI be changed to Eliminate the Office of Assistant Treasurer. It was moved by Hank Short and seconded by Gloria Murison. Discussion followed with a question by Jay Rothman that we have a “call for diversion of the house”. Richard explained that we would be doing a count rather than a voice vote and that would be the same thing. The vote was 77 yes, 17 no and 6 abstentions. The motion needed a two-thirds majority and passed.

The second proposal was to add the Immediate Past President as a voting member of the Guild Board, the Executive Board and the Finance Committee in Articles VII and VIII. It was moved by Edna Weinberg and seconded by Sally Nuerenberg. There was no discussion. The vote was 65 yes, 22 no and 5 abstentions. The motion also passed.


Pat Kilburn gave a very complete and informative presentation on the IF+M 2014. The featured artist will be Hopi carver, Stetson Honyumptewa. He was the BOS winner in 2012. The Fair will feature many new things designed to increase the quality of the experience for both the guests and the artists. There will be a Fashion Show on the Dodge Plaza and a live mural painting on the East wall of Steele Auditorium. That will be happening during the preparation week and all day Saturday and Sunday.

“Arizona Taste” will replace carnival foods and be served on the lawn area in front of Monte Vista. There will be more tables and more shade. Martha Albrecht will lead a panel discussion on Friday, Feb 28th with one artist from each of the eight categories in BOS .

It was noted that attendance was 11,500 in 2012 and 8,700 in 2013. Ways to improve this are being studied. Pat said that she will be emailing Fair info to all members and asks that we send it on to our own personal email lists as a method of increasing interest and attendance to the 2014 Fair.


Shelley Mowry planner of Heard Field Trips announced that the Copper Canyon Trip in March is filling up rapidly, but there are a few seats left.

The Mesa Verde/Canyon de Chelly trip did not work out and will be replaced with a trip May 1-4 to Chinle, the Hubbell Trading Post and the Hopi Mesas. Another trip is planned to Santa Fe in December and a trip to Tucson in October.

Barbara Kohout spoke about the upcoming trip to Tucson and the Gem and Mineral Show on February 13th at a cost of $24. Room is still available.

We are also reminded of the Heard Guild Explorers program on January 22nd at 1:30 in MV with Steven Yazzie and Jacob Meders.

Meeting adjourned at 11:55.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue Snyder