2014 Board September


September 10, 2014

Approved October 8, 2014


President Susan Kolman called the meeting to order at 9:30 am on September 10, 2014.


Susan Kolman, Rod Passmore, Mary Bonsall, Claire Warshaw, De Bachmann, Linda Hefter, Diane Leonte, Pat Kilburn, Reta Severtson, Richard Borgmann, Sue Synder, and Dave Newark by phone. Absent were Mary Endorf, Carol Gunn and Shelly Mowry.

Also present were James Pepper Henry and Mark Scarp


Reta Severtson made a motion to approve the minutes from the April 9, 2014 Board Meeting. It was seconded by Richard Borgmann and approved by all.


Susan Kolman welcomed everyone and thanked the board members for all their work over the summer. She will be meeting with the Museum Board of Trustees and will demonstrate the new and improved guild website and talk to them about Artifacts.

Susan reminded the board about Moon Dance in October. The Guild is encouraged to have a guild table at the event. To highlight the Heard’s 85th year the event will honor all past chairs of the HM Board of Trustees

She will be meeting with Natalie Vandeventer regarding ways for increased cooperation between the Guild and Circles members regarding overlapping of programs. Natalie plans to attend the November Guild Board meeting to talk about how to get grants and scholarships and what we already have.

Plans to work with the Information Desk and Guest Services to improve communication were discussed.

As no one is available to answer the phone or retrieve voice messages left on the answering machine, the Guild Room phone will be adjusted so that no incoming calls can be received or messages left. It will function only for outgoing calls.

It was suggested that Guest Services be provided with a handout that lists the speakers at upcoming monthly Guild meetings.

Susan announced that she has received a request from the Museum Finance Department for volunteers to help at the admission table at Spanish Market.


James Pepper Henry reported that the Build exhibit has exceeded the goals for an attendance of 8000 and new memberships of 400. With a few weeks left, attendance is at 11,699 and new memberships is at 542. The June summer camps were sold out and Free Sundays saw an increase in family attendance. This attendance did not increase Shop sales but it did have a positive impact on Cafe sales. Efforts will be made to retain these members with programs throughout the year.

The Director spoke about a new exhibit that is being discussed for next summer that would have a super hero theme with attention to cross cultural aspects. It would also include hands-on projects for things kids could take home.

He also spoke to the need for bigger spaces to accommodate bigger exhibits. One solution might be to merge Lincoln and Ullman (We Are!) into one space. This would also allow for state of the art lighting. technology and climate control.

The Freda Kahlo traveling exhibit is now scheduled for October 2015 and will include photographs she took and may include some of her personal effects such as jewelry.

Upcoming exhibits include George Morrison opening in October and Beautiful Games in December to coincide with the Super Bowl and other sports events in the area and to increase male attendance.

There is also discussion to refresh the Boarding School exhibit using newer technology.



Mary Bonsall presented the proposed Guild Budget for 2014-2015. There was discussion regarding membership dues needing to be raised to cover expenses for membership, technology and guild administration. No action taken at this time. The by-laws committee is looking at what changes need to be made in the by-laws to handle dues increases when necessary.

Mary reported that the Guild Finance Committee had met and recommended that the Guild Board approve the budget. After questions and clarifications Richard Borgmann made a motion to approve the proposed budget and Rod Passmore seconded the motion. The board voted to approve the proposed budget for 2014-2015.




Mark Scarp, Heard Museum Liaison, reported that the Museum’s new website went up at the same time as the Guild’s. The Museum staff is pleased with the ease of use. He thanked Diane Leonte for getting the word out about voting for the Heard as the Best Native American Experience. Currently the Heard is in fifth place and the voting is open for a few more days.

Starting October 3rd, the Heard will be participating in First Friday activities. This is a free event with performances, music, stories, and refreshments from 6P to 10PM. He will check to see if Las Guias volunteers would be wanted to be stationed in galleries and roving to answer questions but not give specific tours. Other events planned include a presentation about synthetic biology, a panel discussion about Fred Harvey and a low riders event.


Pat Kilburn spoke about an idea that is being discussed by the Fair Steering Committee regarding establishing a Fair Advisory Committee that could include artists, gallery owners, collectors, JPH, the chair of the Museum Board of Trustees, Ann Marshall and others to provide input to the Steering Committee. This committee would meet at least once a year with the goal to have artists first and foremost in planning for the Fair.


Susan Kolman reported that Carol Gunn either spoke to or left a voice message for every person who did not renew membership. She also phoned every member who does not get Artifacts by email. Of the 45 people who do not use email she was able to convert 12 to start receiving by email. A notice will be sent with the September issue that Artifacts will no longer be sent by posted mail. Copies will be made and put in he individual’s folder in the Guild Room file cabinet.

Carol and Mary Endorf are developing a new member orientation that will start at the October monthly meeting.

There will be no Job Fair at the October meeting as the new website makes it easier to learn about the jobs and how to volunteer.


Diane Leonte thanked Richard Borgmann, Pat Kilburn, Susan Kohlman and Rita Baker for all their time and work in developing the new Guild website.

She reported that so far everyone has been making date deadlines for items that are to be published. She is working with the marketing department liaison to move information around to the proper people. She spoke about using the site as a recruitment tool with testimonials as well as keeping Guild members informed with “Happening Now.”


Richard Borgmann provided information about membership records comparisons of 2012, 2013, and 2014 inactive status which has been consistant from year to year.


It was agreed to make the short courses to three sessions rather than four. The Museum tour will be done on the same day as the third session.

There was discussion about allowing non-members to volunteer for the Student Art Show. This is already done for Indian Fair. As De Bachmann found nothing in the by-laws prohibiting this, it was agreed that non-members would be allowed to work on Student Art. It was pointed out that this could act as a way to recruit members after they meet Guild members and experience what the Guild does.

It was decided that the written reports that are submitted by coordinators could be added to the board meeting minutes as submitted rather than summarized. Discussion of any updates or actions taken at the board meeting would be written into the minutes.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Sue Snyder and seconded by Mary Bonsall.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45AM


Respectfully submitted,

Claire Warshaw, Secretary