2014 Board November


November 5, 2014

Approved December 10, 2014

President Susan Kolman called the meeting to order at 9:30 am on November 5, 2014.


Susan Kolman, Mary Endorf, Rod Passmore, Mary Bonsall, Claire Warshaw, De Bachmann, Linda Hefter, Diane Leonte, Pat Kilburn, Richard Borgmann, Carol Gunn, Sue Snyder, Shelley Mowry, Reta Severtson and Dave Newark. Absent:

Also present for presentations: Natalie Vandeventer, Rebecca Simpson, and James Pepper Henry


Rod Passmaore made a motion to approve the minutes from the October 8, 2014 Board Meeting. It was seconded by Richard Borgmann and approved by all.


Mary Bonsall reviewed the October balance sheet and October revenue and expenses.

Mary requested that everyone either submit a receipt for reimbursement or documentation of amount of payment made even if making a donation and not requesting reimbursement. It is important to have this “donation” information for budgeting purposes. She reported that Guild trips are on budget to meet revenue projections. She is looking to change revenue accrual into the the fiscal year that a program and its expenses occur.


Natalie Vandeventer remarked that, “It is humbling to see what the Guild members do and have done.” She presented an overview of the challenges and goals for the Development Department. She stated that, “Without funds, the Museum ceases to exist and without volunteers it ceases to function.” She updated the Board on the activities of Circles of Giving and grant process through local and national foundations. She is developing a task force, which will be temporary, to address digital upgrades within the Museum and for social media. Diane Leonte volunteered to be on that task force. Another task force will address planned giving and improving the Museum’s endowment. Mary Endorf volunteered for that task force. She reviewed the Maie Bartlett Heard Society and encouraged board members to consider this by making the Heard a beneficiary in their estate planning.

Natalie spoke about the cradle board balloon that the Heard will have in the Fiesta Bowl Parade. She briefly reviewed the Cargill Foundation Grant which is a three year grant that will be used to support the Prepare For The Fair and other Fair activities.


JPH praised the new development crew. He spoke about the Heard Council which has 14 members and sponsors Appraisal Days and uses the funds to support the Curatorial Department.

He further reported:

  • MoonDance was very successful netting about $20,000 more that previously.
  • Spirit of the Heard award was done in conjunction with the Phoenix Indian Center awards at the Hilton which was well received.
  • The Build exhibit was very successful allowing the Museum for the first summer in a decade to                 generate a profit.
  • First Friday will continue with new disco lighting he has donated to improve the ambiance in                 Lincoln.
  • To keep the new families that joined this summer engaged there will be a breakfast with Santa

on December 14 at the Ornament Market and Holiday Sale this year.

  • The Heard Museum Golf Classic will be on December 5. The proceeds had previously been used to support Heard West and Heard North. Now the focus will be on the American Indian

National Monument. There are volunteer opportunities for anyone interested.

  • Plans are moving forward for the upcoming exhibits: Beautiful Games in December, Frida Kahlo in October 2015 and the Matisse exhibit later in 2016.


Susan Kolman updated board members:

  • 30 attended the new member reception for the Morrison exhibit. Carol Gunn will coordinate                 with Allison Lester to see if there is an opportunity to introduce the Guild at this kind of function.
  • New computers have been installed in the Library for public work stations.
  • Wi-Fi has expanded to the Jacobson Gallery and the Shop.
  • A Social Media Task Force is starting Membership Mondays on Twitter.
  • The Museum has earned over $7 million in free editorial coverage as of October 2014. Face book has grown 24percent.
  • The Museum is considering a two year membership renewal.
  • On Friday, November 7, there will be a reception for renaming of The Howard and Joy Berlin Shop and the Bruce McGee Collectors Room.
  • Board members are to provide refreshments for the Guild Meeting On November 19.
  • The November speaker is Ken Williams who won Best of Show in 2014. Ken has donated his                 personal papers to the Heard Library.
  • Diana Pardue in conjunction with Antique Traders and Dealers Association (ATDA) has acquired

funding for a $1000-three year scholarship. It has been proposed that this be used for a junior                   artist at Best of Show next year. This would not be for a junior artist to submit a school project,                            but rather one working with a relative to carry on the family tradition.

  • Board members were encouraged to attend the Staff Appreciation Luncheon.
  • Remember to have Guild committees flow information through coordinator to Diane.



Carol Gunn reported that eight new members attended the orientation before the October Guild meeting.Mary Endorf and Sue Snyder also participated. Pat Kilburn will attend the January orientation to explain how to volunteer for the Fair. After some discussion about getting new members involved and volunteering, it was recommended that a task force be established to develop a better, more systematic application and orientation process including what is involved and what is required in volunteering. Susan is looking for a chairman for this task force.


Richard Borgmann reviewed the draft proposal prepared by the committee pertaining to the composition of the board to include five elected officers ( president, president-elect, treasurer, secretary, and nominating committee chair), immediate past president, five coordinators, and four at-large members and parliamentarian. He also reviewed three options for annual dues. After questions and discussion there was general agreement that Option One seemed appropriate and that the committee should proceed to present the proposed bylaws at the December meeting.


Sue Snyder reported that there is a need to provide a new projector and Richard Borgmann indicated there is sufficient funding in the Technology Budget to purchase additional equipment and he will speak with Michael St. Peters to determine what is needed.

Sue also indicated that the committee is going to reevaluate the qualifications to participate such as when a member is not part of Las Guias, but is an accomplished weaver and could speak on that specific subject.


No report this month as this was covered by JPH.


Susan requested that each group review its plan and evaluated progress.


Rod is looking for volunteers to cashier for the book sale in December.


Meeting adjourned at 11:45AM


Respectfully submitted,

Claire Warshaw, Secretary