2014 Board March

March 12, 2014

President Rod Passmore called the meeting to order at 9:30 am on March 12, 2014.


Rod Passmore, Susan Kolman, Jack Brock, Sue Snyder, Judy Pykare, Pat Kilburn, Dave Newark, Diane Leonte, Richard Borgmann, Linda Hefter, Carol Gunn, Reta Severtson, and Mark Scarp attended. Shelley Mowry, Cathy and Hank Short and Jerry Bryan were absent.


Dave Newark made a motion to approve the minutes from the January Board Meeting. It was seconded by Jack Brock and approved by all.


Rod praised Fair Chair, Pat Kilburn, for a very successful event. He expanded his praise to include the many people who worked very hard on the entire event.


Director James Pepper Henry was out of town and unable to attend today.


Treasurer Jack Brock reports a total of $167,884.65 in the checking accounts. Of that money, $69,496.81 was restricted for Special Events ( $10,544.12), Student Art Workshop ($14,257.32) and Scholarships and Grants($44,695.37). Attendance at the Fair was down, but some who had purchased tickets in advance did not show up because of the rain. Revenue was close to last year, but that might change. There was a reduction in the number of booths and T-shirt sales were down. Silent Auction was very successful as was the Best of Show. Overall, the Fair was very successful and the artists reported that they did very well. Some of the bills are still out and the report will be updated at the upcoming Guild Meeting.


Mark Scarp, Heard Museum Liaison, reported that the Eblast sent by staff the week of the Fair stressing tents and other preparations due to the rain and that the artists were coming rain or shine, were helpful in promoting attendance. Everyone worked together to do all they could to cope with the weather.

He said the Mata Ortiz show at the Shop was also being promoted online. Upcoming on March 20th is the noon Book Signing by Anne Hillermann and an evening lecture as a part of the Simon Ortiz ASU Lecture Series with Edgar Heath Bird on the same evening. A TV appearance on Tues March 18th about these events is in the works.

New exhibits opening are:

April 3rd-Ledger Art expanded from North

April 3rd-Houser on the 100th anniversary of his birth

April 4th-Student Art Show and Sale thru April 7th

April 12th-Katsina Market

April 26th-That’s the Way I Like It

Mark also encouraged everyone’s attendance at the Guild Appreciation Dinner on April 25th. Please email RSVP to Mark. Invites will also go to the 50 members who do not have email.

Mark also reminded us of the May 24th opening of the Lego Exhibit. It will run until the end of September. It will be called “Build—Toy Brick Art”. There will be Workshops/Camps for children each week in June. It will be Monday thru Friday for children ages 7-13 at a cost of $95 for members and $110 for non-members. It will be run by the Bonanza educational group. Block parties will be held in July and contests will be developed for August. Adult Lego groups will be invited. There will be consultations with Native American artists as to the design of the hands-on areas of the interactive parts of the exhibit. It is suggested that members see the Lego movie currently in theatres to enhance the experience.


Pat Kilburn reported that the Fair was very successful due to everyone’s efforts and attitudes. The tents and free ponchos were a great idea. There were many positive comments from artists. The idea of letting the cars in early on Thursday for set-up received praise. The Fashion Show was a hit. The food demos were excellent. The BOS brought in an increase of $5,000. The Silent Auction benefitted from a donation of $16,000 worth of items from an estate. All 500 tickets were sold for the raffle. There was a lot of talk generated by the Breeze Marcus mural on the east wall of Steele Auditorium. It will be up to the Museum to decide whether to preserve the mural.


Dave Newark reported that the Strategic Planning Committee made up of Rod Passmore, Susan Kolman, Dave Newark, Stu Passon, Linda Muzzy, and Jack Brock met on March 6, 2014. He includes a brief summary of the meeting.

Purpose: As a volunteer arm of the Heard Museum, Guild volunteers support a wide range of activities that enrich the vibrancy of the museum and enhance its reputation as a leading institution to educate people about the arts, heritage and life ways of Indigenous peoples of the Americas.

Core Values:

  1. Teamwork: dedication, reliable support for our mission and goals.
  2. Respect: showing regard and consideration for each other.
  3. Integrity: adherence to common moral values and principles in our words and actions.
  4. Zeal/Passion: fervor and enthusiasm for our mission and purpose.
  5. Service: supporting and promoting our common goals.

Vision: Maintain and improve out relevancy to the Heard Museum

The next meeting of the committee will be on March 17, 2014 to refine and adjust the Guild Purpose, Core Values and Vision. An Operational Team will be made up of the committee plus 10-15 additional

Guild members. This team will conduct SWOT analysis, prioritize actions, establish key result criteria and lay out action plans. Every effort will be made to obtain input from members.

Dave was disappointed that only 8% of Guild members completed and returned the recent survey.


President Elect, Susan Kolman, spoke on several issues for next year. She talked about the kind of programs that we want for Guild meetings next year. David and Elinor Rothberg will continue to chair this committee. It was agreed that we will continue to invite speakers and authors who will be a draw to obtaining new members and that we will also seek speakers who tie into other activities of interest to current members such as Basketry which is the theme of the 2015 Fair. Guests will be asked to sign in and will be given name tags to help with membership.

Susan will conduct the April Board Meeting and new members will be invited to attend the meeting as a head start on next year’s meetings. The Turn-over meeting will be held on Tues April 29th since the Spring Luncheon is on May 7th.

Susan will also be sending out a survey for current Board members as a way of assessing the year.

Susan and the Board are looking for an assessment of communication methods. It is felt that there are a lot of ways that the Board communicates with members and perhaps we need to review these so that there is more of a consistent plan with a regular schedule and format that might come out once a week via email plus the monthly Artifacts. Susan, Diane Leonte and Linda Hefter will work on this project for next month. They will consider adding a Communication person to the Board.



Richard Borgmann reported that the new Guild website has gone out to Beta Testing. All Board members have been included along with many others. Assuming most of the issues are small ones, we

should be able to go live in early April and give a grand presentation to the membership at our April meeting. Richard feels that it is very important for the Coordinators to engage as many of their committee chairs as possible in making the website useful for their committee members and the Guild in general.


Carol Gunn welcomed one new member, Cozette Matthews, this month. She is taking the Short Course this month at North.

Annual dues are due on June 1st. Many people will pay at the Spring Luncheon but members may also send in their dues.

Shelley Mowry reports from Donita Beckham that the Library staff and volunteers had a two-hour workshop on Feb 5th which was very well attended and much appreciated by all. The highlight was an educational presentation on the National Endowment on the Arts Project, organized by the Library and Archives and Curatorial Departments. We learned about the burgeoning digital resources on Indian artists and their works in the Masterworks Arts and Artists Series. The volunteers gained a clearer understanding of the important work that the three added staff-Nadia, Judy and Elaine are to expand our Digital Library.

Gloria Johnson reported that the Shop volunteers had a very successful jewelry workshop with Marie Wittwer. The people were all inspired by the two+ hour presentation and discussion. She was given a $25 restaurant gift certificate as thanks for her workshop. We are still training people. Monday’s continue to be a problem as people are not willing to commit on that day.

Louise Wakem and Donita Beckham report that they are getting books in but can always use more for the Library Book Sale.

Joan Jasso of the Information Desk reports that 77% of shirts were filled in February. She sends a big thank you to Las Guias members who have responded to the notice suggesting that they try to fill one shift a month. Unfortunately, there are morning shifts that are popular, so volunteers who offer are often not needed. Once again, afternoon and weekend shifts often go unfilled.

Also a thank you to Las Guias who sit at the Information Desk momentarily when they are not needed during their tour schedules.


The Museum Guild’s Short Course conducted by Jaclyn Roessel will be held at North on Mondays throughout March.

The “Stylish Women in Film” series continues on March 13th with “Pablita Verde: An Artist and Her People” followed by “Miss Navajo” on March 28th at 11:30 am.

The Native American fashion exhibit will remain in the Gallery until April 1st. The Café is open seven days a week and will remain open until April 1st. The shop will close at the end of April. In preparation for closing, all of the estate/consignment items have been moved to the Main shop. Jan Jones has left Heard North and is now working in the Main shop. The shop continues to be busy with our regular customers as well as many visitors to the area.

Shop volunteers worked a total of 276 hours in Feb. De Bachmann is the scheduler for March and April.


2014 Fair went well. In addition to earlier reports, Pat Kilburn said that she is waiting for the final revenue numbers and the net income forecast by the end of March. Despite the rain, customers and artists were cheerful and volunteer and museum staff pulled together to make the best of not the best weather. This was a particularly heavy load for Sue Pappas and her Cultural Performance team along with Museum staff moving the performances into the auditorium on Saturday and then out again for Sunday. A series of meetings is set to analyze the 2014 Fair and move on to the 2015 Fair.

Note cards actually did better than last year with sales of $4779 last year and $5052 this year. A huge thank you goes to Reta Severtson for taking charge of the weekend.

Student Art Chair Sue Snyder reports that SASS is fast approaching with Receiving starting on Thursday, March 27th and running thru Tuesday, April 1st. Judging takes place on Wednesday, April 2nd. Friday, April 4th will feature Preview Day from 10-4. Silent Auction and Opening Night both take place on Friday, April 4th from 5:30 to 8:00 pm and will coincide with the Houser and Ledger Art Openings.   A veteran crew will return and are much appreciated. Reta Severtson will shadow this year and will Co-chair next year.


The Short Course is in progress at HN.

The Navajo Short Course begins on April 10th in Encanto and is close to capacity with 75 signed up. Jackie Kemmer will be the instructor and she has engaged three Navajo speakers for the course. There has been a great deal of enthusiasm for the course among Guild members, the public and Las Guias.

The results of the LG survey are being evaluated and will be used to improve the program.

The completion of the Las Guias class is fast approaching. A “Greet the Grads” informal coffee is planned to introduce the newest members of the LG community and to make them feel welcome.

Additionally, Carol Gunn will plan a get-together for new graduates to meet the Board and the Coordinators so as to become familiar with the many volunteer opportunities available to them in addition to guiding.

The 2014-2015 class will be taught by Jaclyn Roessel, Director of Education at the Heard. Lucille Shanahan will be the lead facilitator assisted by Sue Snyder and Jackie Kemmer. All three facilitators have a strong education background. We are planning a robust recruitment this year as well as an orientation for those who have expressed interest in the class.


Reta Severtson reports that the Copper Canyon trip is underway and the Canyon de Chelly trip for May 1-4 is almost full.

David Rothberg wished to express his gratitude on the wonderful cooperation of Lee Peterson and Dani Boone from staff for the Lekson talk last month. David has booked Charles King of the King Gallery in Old Scottsdale for our March meeting. He is an expert on the pottery of Margaret Tafoya and Tony Da and works closely with Virgil Ortiz.

Hospitality reports that the Library Volunteers will provide refreshments for the March Guild meeting.

Spring Luncheon is scheduled for May 7th at the Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center. Sara Lieberman will collect money for the luncheon and items for the silent auction and raffle at the March and April Guild meetings.

Heard Guild Explores Chair Judee Carpenter reports that problems with publicity resulted in small groups going to the Tucson Gem show and the Prescott Valley Bronze Foundry. Bus trips will be reconsidered due to expense for next year. A committee meeting will be held on March 17th to consider future plans.

Meeting adjourned at 11:55.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue Snyder, Secretary