2014 Board January

January 8, 2014


President Rod Passmore called the meeting to order at 9:30 am on Wednesday, January, 8, 2014.


Rod Passmore, Susan Kolman, Jack Brock, Sue Snyder, Judy Pykare, Pat Kilburn, Dave Newman, Diane Leonte, Shelley Mowry, Richard Borgmann, Linda Hefter, Carol Gunn, Reta Severtson, Cathy and Hank Short and Mark Scarp. Guests were James Pepper Henry, Lee Peterson, Elaine Weston, Phyllis Manning, Gloria Murison, and Lucille Shanahan. Jerry Bryan was absent.


Hank Short made a motion to approve the minutes from the December 11, 2013 Board Meeting. It was seconded by Dave Newark and approved by all.


Rod thanked our guests for attending today. He mentioned several sad facts of note to members with the death of long-time members Stephen Field and Maxine Applebaum in November and the death of Ellen Nelsen’s mother recently. Cards have been sent expressing our thought and concern to their families.

He also noted that Jerry Bryan, Parliamentarian, has resigned due to health and time concerns. We thank him and wish him well.

Rod explained the format for the January Guild Meeting in regard to the voting on the by-law changes. Richard Borgmann will act as Parliamentarian and Jack Brock will again explain the changes. We will have our speaker first and the Business part of the meeting second. We will use this format for the rest of the year and Richard will note the change in our publicity.

In regard to the By-law changes, we have followed the required 45 day notice and held an open meeting on December 11, 2013 giving Guild members the opportunity to ask questions. Two people attended. The changes ask for elimination of the Assistant Treasurer position. That necessitates a change in the make-up of the Executive Board. Separate voting will be necessary on each change and requires a two-thirds vote of members present.


Director James Pepper Henry gave us an update on coming activities at the Heard. On January 9th, the Heard will host approximately 40 CEO’s from Arts and Science museums to discuss issues relevant to current times in the industry.

He noted the upcoming Haute Chocolate on Friday, January 31st with live music and a chocolate fashion show. Tickets are available online. Last year’s event was very successful and this year should provide another fun night.

He said that he and Lee Peterson would be members of a panel on January 10th at the Wigwam Resort in Goodyear to discuss the upcoming Litchfield Park Invitational Native American Fine Arts Festival. Heard people will be involved in assisting and Judging on the weekend of January 25 and 26th.

Pepper Henry then talked about the Strategic Planning committee and the meetings that were held in December and will continue into 2014.

He said that he will be traveling to the Western Museum Association with James Burnes of the Desert Cabellos Museum of Wickenburg. He will propose that their 2016 meeting be held at the Heard. It has been 22 years since their meeting has been held in Arizona. He talked about the upcoming Lego Exhibit and the fact that we are collaborating with the Colorado Museum in Longmont, Colorado on it.


Treasurer Jack Brock reports a total of $267,633 in our accounts. There is $11,000 in restricted Special Events, $14, 257 in Student Art Workshop, and $46,195 in Scholarships and Grants. The increase from last month is due to exhibitor’s fees coming in for Indian Fair and Market.


Mark Scarp, Heard Museum Liaison, reported that work will be done to improve the sound in Monte Vista over the summer. Members are asked to bring children’s books to the upcoming January 15th Guild Meeting. Our speaker is Ravae Johnson, Gifted Education Coordinator, for the Laveen School District. The district has a large Native American population and books appropriate for ages 5-12 are needed and would be appreciated.


Lee Peterson, President of the Heard Board of Trustees, gave an interesting overview of our Board of Trustees. He talked about the number of trustees (currently 32), their role and responsibilities and expectations for them. Each Board member serves a three year term and may serve up to three terms consecutively. They are responsible for a yearly gift of $7500. He included a copy of their recently updated By-laws and an explanation of them. It was very beneficial and informative for the Guild Board to understand all that is required and expected of BOT members. We thank him for his time and attention to keeping us aware and informed.


Pat Kilburn reported that she will be going to the Board of Trustees’ meeting on Thursday, January 9th asking for their help and involvement in the upcoming IF+M in March along with Guild President, Rod Passmore. She is asking for an email blast to members that will ask them to buy their tickets to the Fair and to encourage them to send the same request to their personal email list. Shelley Mowry is in the process of sending out the Booth Assignments to Fair Artists. We have sold 200/500 tickets for the rug auction. John Bulla is working to improve Fair signage. Many people and committees are working on preparations for an outstanding Fair for 2014.


Lucille reported that there is a supply of bears for this year only. She has been doing extensive research on ordering more of these same bears in gold and silver to be given to Guild members who have logged in 2500 and 1500 hours of service. The company that we have previously used is no longer in operation and she was unable to find another vendor with the same product. She showed some samples of the best alternative and Board members were not sold on the products mainly because they would hang down from the badges and that was not acceptable to some. Lucille was asked to contact the company that sells us the feathers to see if there is another option. She will report back at the next meeting. Thank you to Lucille for her research in this area.


Dave Newark reported that the Strategic Planning Committee made up of Rod Passmore, Susan Kolman, Dave Newark, Stu Passon, Linda Muzzy, and Jack Brock as well as Jim Pepper Henry and Bob Berendt (Planning Consultant) met on December 18, 2013. He includes a brief summary of the meeting.

  1. There is a need to improve the public image of the Heard and its Campus.
  2. The Heard needs to show relevancy to a varied audience with varied interests with a special emphasis on the 25-40 year old and how to increase their participation.
  3. There is a need to enhance the Heard’s image with American Indians in the local area.
  4. There is a need for growth in the number of visitors, utilization of facilities, membership and donations from many sources.

Rod and Susan also met with JPH on January 7, 2014 at which time Strategic Planning was discussed as well as other issues. The SP effort is slated for completion in May 2014. Rod will be the key Guild representative in the future. JPH is supportive of the Guild having special programs and promoting/encouraging Guild members. He recognizes that the Guild needs to have its own work plan. The Guild objectives are always to support Museum mission. The next meeting is scheduled for January 27th with JPH and the committee.


The navigation (all menus, buttons, and links) in the new Guild website is currently being tested and evaluated by a Review Team. The purpose of the new website is to make navigation easier for Guild members and to give more specific information to visitors. Diane Leonte has been working on this along with Richard, Margie Zebell and Kerry Jo. The Team will continue to make improvements and Richard will meet with James Pepper Henry to insure that the Strategic Planning Goals are part of the new website plans.


Carol Gunn welcomed two new members. They are Samatha Groff and Judi Passon. Introductory letters have been mailed and badges ordered.

Mary Ann Gillispie, historian, has been taking photos at all Guild events. She took pictures of all the members who were honored at the Jingle Bell Brunch which will be presented to them as a remembrance of their service.

Ellie Feldner, editor of Artifacts, reported that 40+ copies of the newsletter are mailed each month at a cost of $70-$80. She suggests that we might put a copy for these members in their file in the Guild Room.

Sidney Wilson has done a fabulous job of updating the files in the Guild Room. She removed 250 files of former members and added 150 files for new members. She wants to be sure members are aware that they each have a file that can be used as a means of communication/pick-up for every Guild member. She thanked Richard Borgmann for printing new labels and Judith Dobbs for helping with the actual task.

Carol is working on the new badge orders. Problems have developed because there a few sources for the blue badges. We will stick with Nameplate Distribution for availability and because they will keep the price the same.



Information Desk chair Joan Jasso reported that 71% of the shifts were filled for desk in December. In Artifacts publication online, two dates were given for training on January 18 and 20 at 10:00am by Joan. One of the dates is a Saturday and Joan hopes to capture volunteers who might be working.

Donita Beckham from the Library reports that volunteers are doing their usual tasks.

Gloria Johnson from the Shop, reports that their next Board meeting will be Jan 15th. There will also be a Tune Up for returning volunteers and another workshop for shop volunteers. Judith Miles is the Jan. Scheduler.

Library Book Sale reports that they have people in place to head the specific committees related to the Book Sale. They are also recruiting volunteers to assist with sorting, pricing and packing of the books. There will be a meeting of all committee heads on Jan. 29 at 10:00am in Encanto to discuss the Sale, duties of the committee heads and a general overview.


Judy Pkyare reports that a” Fashion Flash Sale” of clothing by Lloyd Kiva New and Betty David will be held at a reception in the North Café for museum members only on Sunday, Jan.26th from 1-4pm. The reception includes curator comments about these designers. On Monday, Jan 27th from 10-4 the sale will be open to the public.

There will be a lecture on American Indian fashion by Dr. Jesse Metcalf on Saturday, Jan. 25th at 11:30am.

“Nights at North” programs will return with Barbara Teller Ornelas and her son, Michael speaking about their careers in Navajo weaving on Wednesday, Jan 29th. The series continues the following week, with a discussion of “Stereotypes, Appropriation and American Indians in Pop Culture” on Feb 5th. On the Feb 12th program, there will be a discussion of the rapidly changing Native-art scene. The final program on Feb 19th will feature Navajo designer, Orlando Dugi. Receptions on these evenings begin at 5:30 pm with lectures following at 6:30.

Beginning on Feb 1, the Café will be open 7 days a week from 11 am until 3 pm.

Shop volunteers worked a total of 215 hours in December. The January scheduler for the North Shop is Ronnie Wainwright.


See Pat Kilburn’s IF+M report above.

Student Art is continuing on with plans for a great 2014 SASS. Mailings were sent in October to teachers and artists. Cards will be included with Shelley Mowry’s mailing to IF+M artist in their Booth Assignment packets in January. The 20 page packet is available online this year. All sub-chairs are working to contact workers from last year. We are working with Museum people to obtain donations and increase the number of attendees. We think the Houser Opening and the option of entry without an admission fee will increase our numbers.

Scholarship chairs, Linda Jones and Jeanne Eder, report that all students have been identified and contacted and check requests forwarded.


Diane Leonte reports that the Winter Short course will be taught for the first time by Jaclyn Roessel. It begins on Jan 29th and has 22 people are registered. The O’Odham Short course taught by Linda Hefter has 40 people registered and begins on Feb 3rd. It will feature a wonderful agenda with members of O’Odham tribal community as speakers.

Dorothy Sullivan of the Speakers Bureau will be arranging for a review of the opportunities to be open to all who are interested in becoming a presenter. John Neurenberg is the new Technical liaison and will assist Dorothy with the review and in training new presenters.

Co-chairs Jan Lathrop and Joan Jasso have scheduled training for Peer Reviewers on January 13, at 10:30 in the large conference room. Peer reviews begin the following week.

Two trips are happening with an impromptu trip to the Arizona State Museum and a private tour of the Basket Collection and conservatory lab was arranged by Phyllis Manning. It was followed by lunch at Tohono Chul and attended by 13 Las Guias.

Many LG members will be joining LG class members on Jan 10th for a field trip to the White Mountain Apache Cultural Center and Museum as well as Fort Apache Historic Park.


Reta Severtson

Field Trips-The details of Shelley Mowry’s March trip to Copper Canyon/Mexico are online and a flyer is available. Trip starts on March 5th and is filling up.

Guild Programs-David Rothberg has booked Ravae Johnson, Gifted Education Coordinator for the Laveen School District for the Jan 15th Guild Meeting. David asks that members bring a childrens book/books for ages 5-12 to be sent to the school.

Holiday Gathering-The Jingle Bell Brunch on Dec 4th was attended by 135 people. The event was budgeted for $300 and Guild members contributed $300. Cost was $345.

Hospitality-The Information Booth people will provide refreshments for the Jan Guild Meeting.

Spring Luncheon-Sara Lieberman reports that the event is scheduled for May 7th at the Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center.

Heard Guild Explores-Judie Carpenter reports that the next event is Jan. 22nd with Steven Yazzie and Jacob Medders presenting a panel discussion. Judie is doing a great job of placing detailed articles in Artifacts.

Hospitality reports that planning for the Carver’s Market will ramp up in Feb.

Meeting adjourned at 12:07.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue Snyder, Secretary