2014 Board February

February 12, 2014

President Rod Passmore called the meeting to order at 9:30 am on Wednesday, February 12, 2014.


Rod Passmore, Jack Brock, Sue Snyder, Judy Pykare, Pat Kilburn, Dave Newman, Diane Leonte, Shelley Mowry, Richard Borgmann, Linda Hefter, Carol Gunn, Reta Severtson, Cathy and Hank Short and Mark Scarp. Guests were James Pepper Henry and Ellie Feldner. Jerry Bryan and Susan Kolman were absent.


Diane Leonte made a motion to approve the minutes from the January 8, 2014 Board Meeting. It was seconded by Shelley Mowry and approved by all.


Rod noted that Jerry Bryan was ill and unable to attend today’s meeting. He said that Jerry and Carol would appreciate our thoughts, prayers, cards and emails.

Rod asked if there is a way we could show our appreciation to artists who donate to the Guild either with monetary gifts or gifts of donations to things like the Silent Auction or for raffle prizes. Pat Kilburn said that thank you notes are sent by the appropriate committees and a sign is affixed to their booths at Fair time. We will work on making these signs more visible.

The report from Hoop Dance is very encouraging. Attendance was 3553 people for both days and that resulted in a good number of new memberships purchased.


Director James Pepper Henry gave us an update on coming activities at the Heard. He reported that attendance at Hoop Dance was up from last year, but sales from the Shop were down slightly. He attended and led the opening procession. Lots of pictures were taken by Jim and by Cathy Short of Lizard Light Productions and many of these are on the Heard Website and Face Book with films to follow. Hoop Dance was very successful and winners are posted on the website by divisions.

Jim would like to see sponsorships of time blocks for next year’s Hoop Dance.

At the February Guild Meeting on the 19th, Cesar Chaves of the Heard Design Staff, will do a briefing on the upcoming Lego exhibit for the membership. The opening of the new Lego movie this past weekend will add to interest in our exhibit this May. Our exhibit will feature interactions with visitors and will utilize Native artists incorporating traditional design patterns in Lego projects. We are working with Bonanza Education on the exhibit and will be adding half-day summer camps that will run for a week at a time to draw in young local visitors to the Museum. We are unable to use the “Lego” word in promotions but there will be a giant Lego by the entrance. There will be an additional charge of $5 to the regular admission fee for the exhibit to cover the cost and to resupply the materials.

It is hoped that families will purchase a membership as a cost effective measure and that will encourage repeat visits. The Legos Exhibit will run through September. It was suggested that we try to bring in youth groups to enjoy this activity.

The Heard is working on coming exhibits such as Matisse and Frida Kahlo.

There will be another Strategic Planning meeting on February 24 and 25th with JPH, Bob Berendt, Stu Passon, Rod Passmore, Susan Kolman and Dave Newark.

Jim noted that 2014 is the 85th Anniversary of the Heard Museum and it will be celebrated possibly at Moon Dance in the fall.


Treasurer Jack Brock reports a total of $254,414.24 in our accounts. There is $10,544 in Special Events, $14, 257 in Student Art Workshop, and $44,695 in Scholarships and Grants. The Museum audit is complete, and the Guild Board Designated Endowment Fund stands at $238,805. This is up from $220,395 from last year. The Endowment Fund figures are as of September 30, 2013.


Mark Scarp, Heard Museum Liaison, reported that the Guild Appreciation Dinner will be held on Friday, April 25th in Phelps Dodge Plaza. It will feature an Italian theme and Allison Lester and Gabriela Rosales are working on the details. The staff is looking forward to thanking all the hard working Guild members for their contributions and time given to the Heard.

Mark said the staff is working on all the new exhibits that are coming up. They are Ledger Art, Houser, Legos, That’s the Way I Like It as well as the Fair and Student Art.


Dave Newark reported that the Strategic Planning Committee made up of Rod Passmore, Susan Kolman, Dave Newark, Stu Passon, Linda Muzzy, and Jack Brock met with Jim Pepper Henry on January 27, 2014. The Museum is working to develop a comprehensive three year plan to guide decision making for leadership and the BOT. The target date for this is to have a draft plan approved by the BOT in June 2014. The Museum staff will work on budgeting and planning from July to September and implementation will begin in October 2014.

The Guild will be included in this and a presentation will be made at the February Guild meeting by Dave. A survey will be conducted with online participation and paper with surveys due at the end of Feb. A Guild committee of eight to ten members will then meet to consider the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the Guild in the future.


Rod praised and thanked Richard Borgmann, Diane Leonte, and Dave Newark for their efforts in developing the new website. Richard gave is a preview of the new website. We were all very impressed at the looks of the new design and the ease of navigation. It is much easier and quicker to find information. The design fits in with the new Heard website. Web activity is up 40% since last year.


Linda Hefter, Chair of this committee announced the slate of officers for 2014. Her committee is made up of John Carpenter, Judith Dobbs, Reta Severtson, and Sandy Straub. The slate will be announced in the March issue of Artifacts and the Guild membership will be asked to vote on the slate in April at the Guild meeting. The slate is:

President: Susan Kolman

President Elect: Mary Endorf

Secretary: Claire Warshaw

Treasurer: Mary Bonsall

Nominating Committee: Linda Hefter



Carol Gunn welcomed two new members. They are Joellyn Pollock and Lillian Vance. Welcome letters have been mailed and badges ordered.

Mary Ann Gillispie, historian, has been taking photos at all Guild events. They will be put in scrapbooks and she will be photographing various Heard committees at work and play.

Ellie Feldner, editor of Artifacts, attending the Guild meeting.


Information Desk chair Joan Jasso reported that 79% of the shifts were filled for the desk in January. She has asked for volunteers in Artifacts and has been sending requests by mail to workers who do not have email. Diane Leonte has asked for help from Las Guias who might be able to help out on a one time basis.

Donita Beckham from the Library reports that volunteers pitched in to insure that all gifts were acknowledged by the end of the year. In addition, volunteers are working to assist with the NEA grant which is important to our archival offerings. Dee Dowers has worked to organize the accreditation of archival material. Library volunteers are working diligently to record their service hours and to keep separate time sheets for book sale activities.

Gloria Johnson from the Shop, reported from their Board meeting on Jan 15th. Bruce McGee reported that there will be a sale at North in April with a closing of the site by the end of May. He also asked for more volunteers in the shop and hopes to encourage a Heard family feeling. Jenica Notar and Christina Ramirez have left their employment with the shop.

The Berlin Gallery concept will be changed to highlight the “best of the best”. One artist will be highlighted per month.

The Shop Board is looking for new members and also new shop workers. Mary Endorf suggested that the Job Fair held in Oct might be too early for many volunteers who are still out of town. She suggested that another might be held in the winter.

On February 20th there will be a Jewelry Show with Marie Wittwer in Monte Vista explaining the different stones and shells used in shop jewelry.

Louise Waken and Donita Beckham of Library Book Sale report that a meeting of their committee was held on 1/29/2014. The purpose of the meeting was to have all committee heads meet each other and learn what each person will be doing for the Sale. Questions were answered about various duties and the physical plan for the Sale. The next meeting will be Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 10am. Dorrance has been requested for the meeting. Eighty-five boxes were delivered to storage. It is anticipated that approximately thirty more will be ready to be sent to storage in about one month. Book donations are coming in at a steady pace and more are welcome and anticipated. Donation forms are available at Receiving.


Judy Pkyare reports that the Fashion Flash Sale of clothing by Lloyd Kiva New and Betty David was a huge success. Not only did much of the clothing sell, but the shop itself benefitted from some large sales including bronzes and jewelry. Approximately 75 members attended the event on Sunday and 55 or so attended the talk by Dr. Jessica Metcalfe on Saturday.

Nights at North are continuing with the first of four movies on February 27th with “Stylish Women in Film” which is a documentary about Osage ballet dancer, Maria Tallchief. The remaining three films will be shown on Thursdays in March.

The Café will be open 7 days a week from 11 am until 3 pm.

Shop volunteers worked a total of 240 hours in January. The January scheduler for the North Shop is Judy Pykare.


Pat Kilburn reports that all committees are working on schedule. Now that Hoop is over, Marketing is ramping up and will focus on the Fair for the next three weeks. On Feb 25 or 26 an eblast will highlight all the major components of the Fair with links to Fair detail pages. Live interviews are being lined up with artists, chefs, and performers in the Phoenix area. A barrage of newspaper ads in the Phoenix area and major towns as well as radio ads, bus stop signs and others particularly the week before the Fair.

Note Cards had the most successful weekend ever recorded during Hoop Dance. The receipts were $2537. We had two packing sessions last month and another is scheduled for this month. We have a number of new members on the team this year. Deb Monroe has been a great help on packing days doing the setup. Thanks to Rita Baker for doing the purchasing in order to replenish our stock.

Student Art committees are working to insure a great show this year. Opening Night is Friday, April 4th and we will be sharing with Houser and Ledger Art. All committee chairs are returning this year. We will be looking for additional volunteers at the February meeting. The show runs from March 27th thru April 10th and we need lots of people for a variety of jobs. Please let us know what you are interested in doing and we can find a place for you to have some fun. We are happy with the changes of free admission and 30% off on the last day. We will meet with Museum people for final logistics planning on Tues March 11 at 10am.


Diane Leonte reports that the Winter Short course taught by Jaclyn Roessel was very successful with 33 attendees. We gained six new Guild members and eight new Heard members.

The O’odham Short Course taught by Linda Hefter has been a huge success with 78 people attending. Of these, 33 are Las Guias and 45 are members of the Guild, Heard and general public. Linda has done an outstanding job of obtaining O’odham tribal members as Speakers for all three sessions. There have been very positive comments from the Speakers that they are appreciative of the Heard giving special notice to O’odham tribes. Phyllis Manning has done an excellent job of facilitating both courses, providing handouts, refreshments and answering questions asked by the attendees.

Las Guias facilitators have reported that all 13 class members will graduate this year.

Jaclyn Roessel will be teaching the class next year. Class facilitators have been selected and will be meeting with Jaclyn and Diane to discuss plans for next year.

Dorothy Sullivan of the Speakers Bureau will be asking for presenters at the next Guild meeting. John Nuerenberg and Dorothy have taken an inventory and have discovered that some of the individual notebooks are missing.


Reta Severtson

Field Trips-The details of Shelley Mowry’s March trip to Copper Canyon/Mexico are online and a flyer is available. Trip starts on March 5th and is filling up. There is also a trip to Canyon de Chelly and the Hubbell Auction on May 1st.

David Rothberg has booked Dr. Stephen Lekson, Curator of Anthropology at the University of Colorado and the Museum of Natural History in Boulder, Colorado. He has published on the topics of Hohokam, Ancestral Pueblo and the “Chaco Meridian”.

Spring Luncheon-Sara Lieberman reports that the event is scheduled for May 7th at the Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center.

Heard Guild Explores-Judie Carpenter reports that the next event is March 13 with a trip to the Bronze Foundry in Prescott Valley. A meeting was held on Jan 22nd to discuss the difficulty in signing up members for daylong bus trips and this will be addressed in next year’s planning.

Hospitality reports that planning for the Carver’s Market will ramp up in Feb.

Meeting adjourned at 11:55 am

Respectfully submitted,

Sue Snyder, Secretary