2013 Guild September

SEPTEMBER 18, 2013


President Rod Passmore called the September meeting to order at 10:00 am. He thanked the Café for providing the beautiful set up and delicious food again this year for our September meeting. He welcomed David Rothberg, Jerry Bryan, Bob Buchanan, Lou Bailey and Bev Chapman, members who have been ill over the past few months. He introduced new member Bonnie Lieback. He also introduced Mark Scarp from the Marketing Department of the Heard who will be Guild/Museum Liaison while Ashley LaGravinese is on maternity leave.


John Carpenter made a motion that the minutes from the April 17, 2013 Guild Meeting be approved. It was seconded by Winona Passmore and approved.


Jack Brock reported that we have $24,000 in available money, $183.00 in the Restricted Account, $11,000 in Special Events, $14,000 in Student Art and $26,195 in Scholarship and Grants.

The Assistant Treasurers, Cathy and Hank Short report $25,000 in the Note Card account and $139.00 in Student Art.


Rod introduced the Guild Board for 2013-2014.

He also said that starting today all members must sign in/out at the Receiving Desk in Security when in the main Museum building. The Shop and Café workers may sign in/out at their respective buildings. In the event of an emergency Security needs to know who is in the building and where they are.

Rod thanked Margie Zebell for her work as Historian. He pointed out the three beautiful scrapbooks full of pictures of Guild activities that she made that were on display at the back of the room. She will be leaving the position and he asked for a volunteer who is interested in taking on the job for this year.



Treasurer Jack Brock said that after working with and at the suggestion of the Museum’s Financial Department, he is requesting that some changes be made in our By-Laws in order to consolidate our accounting system with the Museum. These changes would make it unnecessary to have both a Treasurer and an Assistant Treasurer. This would necessitate some changes in our By-Laws and the addition of the immediate past president to the Executive Board in order to make an uneven number of Board members. The Parliamentarian would be removed from the Board. See attachment of wording necessary to make these changes.

Jerry Bryan, Parliamentarian, explained the process for amending the By-Laws. First a written document must be presented to the Guild in several formats. It was passed out at the meeting today. It will be online and in Guild publication, Artifacts. It will be reviewed in thirty days. It will be presented again and discussed at the October Guild Meeting and then voted on.


Treasurer Jack Brock presented the Guild budget for the 2013-2014 year. The budget is prepared with the input of Officers and Coordinators. The budget supports our activities for the year. There are some fixed costs that need to be covered. At this time, those costs are not covered by our annual dues. This is a topic that needs to be considered for next year.

The Indian Fair and Market is our biggest source of income. The expenses and revenues are fairly consistent. Our big variable is attendance and weather. The success of this event determines our donation to the Museum.

Jack said that we would like to increase the amount of money that is given for scholarships from $1500 per student to $2000 per student. We were able to give twelve scholarships this past year and would like to give as many as possible at the new amount next yer.

Jack was asked why there was no money budgeted for the Book Sale. He answered that when and if the Book Sale is approved, the money will be added to the budget.

Questions were asked from the floor about the budget.

Jay Rothman asked if the Guild has a rainy day fund. The answer was that we do not. He asked if the price of admission for the Fair will remain the same as last year. The answer is that the price will remain at $20. He said that the 25% increase in admission price has resulted in a drop in attendance. It was answered that in the first year of the increase the attendance was the same, but dropped the next two years. Pat Kilburn, chairman of the Fair, said that venues all over the Valley for that weekend were down an equal percentage. An Indian Fair and Market Steering Committee has been formed to study this and other issues pertaining to the Fair.

A motion was made by David Rothberg that the budget be accepted as presented. It was seconded by Judy Carpenter. It was approved.


Rod announced that a Summer Strategic Planning Committee has been working on a plan to have the Library Book Sale. Christy Vezolles, Anita Hicks and Cooky Tarkoff presented a proposal at the Guild Board Meeting on September 11, 2013. A complete plan was presented including committee chairs, dates, budget and storage arrangements as well as a yearlong schedule projection. A committee made up of people from the Museum, the Book Sale committee and the Executive Board will meet to iron out the details. The proposal will be on the agenda for the October Board meeting when a decision will be made.


Pat Kilburn reported that the Indian Fair and Market group is very excited about this year’s Fair. Thomas Breeze Marcus will be painting a mural on the side of Steele Auditorium the week of the Fair. Tickets are on sale for the first raffle in several years and it is spearheaded by Mary Bonsall. Prizes are a museum quality four scene rug by Jane Hyden, an oxidized silver bead necklace by Virginia Tso and a Hopi pot by Fawn Navasie.

The food concessions will be changed this year thanks to work done by John Bulla. Fair artist this year is Stetson Honyumptewa noted Hopi katsina carver. There will be a Fashion-Walkabout as well as a Treasure Hunt for the children. There will be cultural performances by Carlos Nakai and Radmilla Cody and others. Four chefs including from La Posada will be demonstrating.

As always, the Fair is looking for people to become Fair Award Sponsors. A letter will be out shortly.

Lucille Shanahan our Service Chair reports that we have 1,033,970 service hours logged as of March 31, 2013. Since April 1, 2013 members have recorded 17,570 hours. Hours can be reported online or on paper in the box in the Guild Room.

Lucille is also in charge of the Staff Appreciation Luncheon to be held in Monte Vista on Friday, November 8th. It will be a “tertulia”,a mix of friends, food and music. She is looking for people to provide food, workers, table decorations, servers and clean-up help.

Shelley Mowry, Museum Services, is happy to report that Joan Jasso will be in charge of the Information Desk. Thank you to Pat Watkinson for doing that job for the past. Shelley talked about the trip to Northern New Mexico from Nov. 1-6. The deadline for the trip is Sept. 30th. There are a few spots left. She also promoted the trip to Copper Canyon in the spring.

Rusty Hale reports that sign up is in progress for the new Las Guias class. Barbara Johnson will be teaching. It starts on Tues. Oct 1st. Please talk to any friends that might be interested in being a part of the fun and learning.

Judy Carpenter is in charge of a new committee for fun and educational opportunities for Guild members called Heard Guild Explores. Upcoming events are:

  1. Laura Cardinal of the shop will be doing a jewelry workshop this fall.
  2. A tour of Basha’s Museum is scheduled for Oct. Due to the response a second tour will be added in the spring.
  3. Rod and Winona Passmore will present their Long Walk Ketoh in Nov.
  4. Steven Yazzie and Jacob Meadors will present a program in Jan.

Susan Kolman, President Elect encouraged everyone to come to the Oct Guild meeting ready to sign up for activities during the Job Fair. There will be an early start at 9:15 in order to give everyone time to view all the opportunities.

Rod stressed that all Guild Board meetings are open to everyone. They are held the second Weds. of every month in Dorrance at 9:30. If you wish to be on the agenda, please let Rod know in advance.

David Rothberg introduced our very anticipated and welcomed speaker, the new Director of the Heard Museum, Dr. James Pepper Henry. He introduced himself with a power point presentation on his family history and his work experience. He is a member of the Kaw Nation of Oklahoma and the Muscogee Creek Nation. He included pictures of the National Museum of the American Indian at the Smithsonian which opened in Washington DC in 2004 and of which he played a pivotal role in the establishment and launch. He has been a part of museums in Oklahoma, Portland, Oregon and most recently as the Director and CEO of the Anchorage Museum at the Rasmussen Center where he oversaw the completion of the museum’s $110 million, 80,000 square foot expansion including the Smithsonian Artic Studies Center exhibition hall and the Imaginarium Discovery Center. He talked about his ideas for continuing the excellence of the Heard Museum and the necessity of reaching a wider audience. He gave an overview of some of his plans to include more interactive exhibits that would attract a younger and repeat base. He looks forward to working with the community, the Guild and long-time supporters of the Heard Museum. We welcome him and also look forward to a promising future at the Heard. He received a standing ovation upon completion of his presentation.

David thanked everyone for attending and Dr. Pepper Henry for sharing the time with us. The speaker for October will be Jack Lassiter.

Meeting adjourned at 11:55.

Respectfully submitted

Sue Snyder