2013 Guild October

OCTOBER 16, 2013


President Rod Passmore called the October meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. He thanked the Student Art committee for providing refreshments for the meeting. He thanked Susan Kolman for setting up the Jobs Fair and all the people who participated in the volunteer sign up. Rod announced that Ashley LaGravinese had a baby girl on October 7th. He introduced Mark Scarp who will replace Ashley as our Liaison with the Heard. He also announced that Mary Ann Gillispie will be our new Historian thanks to her recruitment at the Education Exchange.

We have three new members who were introduced. They are Dwight Lammon, Kateri Weiss, and Coco Lanigan. We welcome them to the Guild.

Rod called attention to an Arizona Republic article recognizing a Guild member Sargent Major Leah Seago who is being inducted in the Veteran’s Hall of Fame for her volunteer work including 6600 hours at the Heard Museum. Leah is thanked for her many, many hours with Student Art, Notecards, and Las Guias.

Rod announced that the Library Book Sale has been approved and will be held on December 5,6, and 7, 2014. Louise Wakem and Donita Beckham will be the co-chairs.

Rod introduced James Pepper Henry, our new Director of the Heard Museum. He said that he had been busy on Museum business the last few weeks. He had participated in the ceremonial dances of his Kaw Nation in Oklahoma and included slides of his family and himself in full regalia. He also was at a Western Museum Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah where he proposed that Phoenix be the site for their 2016 Conference. He also attended the Consortium of US Native American Art Museums that includes the Gilcrease Museum in Oklahoma, the Eiteljorg in Indianapolis, Ind., the Autry in Los Angeles, the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. and the Heard Museum. There was discussion of pooling collections and resources to develop traveling shows that would be leased out.

He talked of plans for the Heard including events during the Super Bowl 2015 to be held in Phoenix. He spoke of plans for a Lego project for May of 2014 that would include traditional designs of objects such as rugs and pottery made by local artist that would be interactive and draw a younger audience. He also was enthusiastic about plans for Halloween of this year and the possibility of a Holiday tree visible from Central Avenue during December.


A motion was made by Mildred Star that the minutes for the Guild Meeting of September 18, 2013 be approved. It was seconded by Steve Weiland and approved.


Treasurer Jack Brock reported that the Treasurer’s accounts totaled $104,598 as of September 30, 2013. Of this $31,691 is available cash. The Special Fund includes $11,000 in Special Events, $14,257 in the Student Workshop Fund, and $21,195 in Scholarships and Grants. Notecards has $26,133, Library has $0 and Student Art has $139.00. Our American Indian Student Art Workshop Endowment has $220, 395. Most of our monies are in restricted funds and therefore unavailable for general use.

The Board approved the Library Book Sale for December 2014 but no money was included in the budget. It was decided that the costs be split between the budget years of 2013 and 2014. It was moved by Ellie Feldner and seconded by Hank Short that we approve $7350 for this year’s budget for the Library Book Sale. It was approved.


In the absence of Parliamentarian Jerry Bryan, Jack explained the proposed changes in the by-laws as they omit the job of Assistant Treasurer. At the request of the Museum and Carlos Rojas, CFO, it is recommended that the Guild have only one person working with the Museum’s accounting department. That would eliminate the need for Joey Stillman, accountant, to enter more than one set of numbers into the Heard system of which we are a part. The changes in the by-laws only remove the position of Assistant Treasurer and references to that position. This would take effect as of October 2014. These changes will be voted on at the November Guild meeting. These changes have been published in Artifacts, the minutes, and online as required for by-law changes.

In addition, the Heard Museum has requested that in the future they be allowed to review candidates for the Treasurer position to ensure that candidates have the necessary qualifications.

A discussion followed as to the need for qualified candidates and for back-up in the event of illness, etc of the Treasurer.

One other by-law change becomes necessary with the elimination of the Assistant Treasurer and that is the addition to one other person to the Guild Board and Finance Committee so as to avoid tie votes (there would be four members). The Board recommends adding the Immediate Past President with the President having the ability to appoint someone if the IPP is unwilling or unable to serve. There was some discussion. This as well as the other by-law change will be voted on at the November Guild meeting and will require a two-thirds majority.


Mary Bonsall and Patti Hibbeler reminded all about the upcoming Moondance event on Saturday, October 19th. It is honoring Wesley Clelland and family for their long-time commitment to the Heard and service in the finance areas. Tickets are still available and raffle tickets for a charm bracelet with ten handmade charms made by local artists were sold at the meeting.

Cathy Short and Sandie Straub reminded us that Weaver’s Market and Spanish Market are right around the corner and back to back weekends (Nov 2 and 9th). They ask for a generous response for non-perishable snacks as their budget is small. Items can be left in the Guild Room where they are placing boxes.

Judie Carpenter of Heard Guild Explorers reminded us that the trip to the Basha Museum in Chandler is right around the corner on October 28th. There are four spaces left and another outing is planned for the Basha Museum in April due to its popularity. A trip to the Gem and Mineral Show in Tucson is in the works for February.

Reta Severtson invited everyone to a Jingle Bell Brunch on December 4, 2013. It is a Potluck and you are encouraged to share food and fun with friends at 9:30. Serving will begin at 10 am. Lucille Shanahan is in charge of honoring long-time members and Pat Kilburn will do a kick-off for the Fair.

Lucille Shanahan spoke about the Staff Appreciation Luncheon to be held in the newly refurbished Monte Vista Room on Friday, November 8th at 11:30-1:30. All are encouraged to bring food, work on decorations and have a friendly relaxed time with staff. Contact Lucille to help.

Pat Kilburn gave a brief history of Student Art/Notecards beginning with the fact that the program started in 1968 as a part of Indian Fair and Market. It separated from the IFM in 1989 and the Notecard part was added in 1992. Over the past twenty years, $4500 has been awarded annually in prizes, $300,000 in scholarships and $100,000 has been given to schools in the form of grants. Cards started being sold in the Shop in 1999 and at the Smithsonian in 2004. Gift enclosures and magnets have recently been added. This year posters will be offered.

Pat Kilburn also reported on the Indian Fair and Market to be held on March 2 and 3, 2014. Plans are coming along. There is a need for Ribbon Award Sponsorships with a goal of $30,750. This money is used to increase monetary awards for artists. There is a raffle in progress for three items.

Our guest speaker, Jim Lassiter of  Tucson was introduced by David Rothberg. He entertained us with stories and facts about the early settlement of Arizona and why the state boundary lines are where they are. As before, his program was entertaining and educational.