2013 Guild November

NOVEMBER 20, 2013


President Rod Passmore called the meeting to order at 10 am. He recognized the Veterans in the audience in honor of the recent Veteran’s Day. He introduced new members Bonnie Liebeck and Barb Lecio. He introduced Heard Museum Director Jim Pepper Henry and Mark Scarp.


A motion was made by Ellie Feldner that the minutes for the Guild Meeting of October 16, 2013 be approved. It was seconded by Mary Endorf and approved.


Treasurer Jack Brock reported that the Treasurer’s accounts totaled $127,000 as of October 31, 2013 with $71,452 in the Restricted account. Of this $11,000 is in Special Events, $14,257 is in Student Art Workshop, $46,195 in Scholarships and Grants. There is $55, 711 in available cash.

Revenues are up since fees are coming in for Indian Fair and Market. These are due November 15th and late after November 30th. The Treasurer’s Report may be viewed online.


Rod thanked Lucille Shanahan for an excellent Staff Appreciation Luncheon on November 8th. Eighty staff members were present with about 130 total attendees. Forty Guild members provided delicious dishes or donations and helped to serve the event. Thank you, Lucille!

He praised Shelley Mowry for her recent November Santa Fe trip. Thirty three people enjoyed Taos, Santa Fe and visits to several artists and their homes. The trip earned $3400 for the Guild. Great job, Shelley!

Rob thanked Sandie Straub and Cathy Short for their excellent work providing hospitality to the artists at both Weaver’s Market and Spanish Market. They provided snacks and sandwiches to 48 people at WM and 68 vendors at SM. Sandie and Cathy thank Guild members who donated items and worked. The artists expressed much appreciation for the thoughtfulness.

Rod thanked Jackie Kemmer for the very successful and educational Short Course presented at HN. Seventeen people participated and showed interest in the Guild and Guild activities.

Rod mentioned the upcoming December 4th Jingle Bell Brunch. It is a potluck and will kick-off Indian Fair and Market activities and again feature the Lifetime Achievement Award winners for this year.

Rod also mentioned the approaching Annual Golf Fund Raiser. He asked interested volunteers or golfers to contact Mark Scarp, Museum Liaison or Dani Boone.

The 2013-2014 Las Guias class taught by Barbara Johnson is underway with sixteen students.

Rod announced that the by-law vote will not happen until the January Guild meeting because it was not published with the required 30 day notice. A meeting will be held before the Guild Board meeting on Wednesday, December 11th from 10-11 am in Encanto to discuss the proposed by-law changes. It will be voted on at the January 15, 2014 Guild Meeting.


Heard Museum Director Jim Pepper Henry spoke about the successful recent events on Veteran’s Day, Weaver’s Market and Spanish Market. He has ideas to expand the Veteran’s Day celebration by adding a Pow-Wow and possibly a Gourd Dance.

He talked about the festivities surrounding the Circles Opening for the Lloyd Kiva New Show at Heard North on Thursday, November 21st and the Members Reception on Friday, November 22nd. The show will open to the public on Saturday, November 23rd. It will be on display through October 26, 2014.

He also promoted the 18th Annual Golf Classic on December 9th.

As to future plans, Director Pepper Henry was very excited to share the plans for the Lego Exhibit opening in May. Local Native American artists will participate in the interactive designs. Caesar Chaves of the HM will be in charge.

Some further ideas for future exhibits are being explored including a Musee Matisse of Nice, France project featuring Yupic masks and 31 related lithographs done by Matisse. The Heard would also like to work with Carrie Pilto of the Matisse Museum in Le Cateau Cambresis on a future project.


Louise Wakem, Library Book Sale co-chair with Donita Beckham, reminded us that the LBS will be held on December 5-7, 2014. Shirley Weyand is in charge of the Steering Committee and donations of books, art, jewelry, textiles and Native pieces are being accepted. People are asked to watch that materials are not outdated. Tax donation forms are available at Security.

Reta Severtson invited everyone to start off the Holiday Season at the Jingle Bell Brunch on Dec 4th, a Weds. Invitations are on the chairs and she encouraged people to bring items according to the assigned plan. If you wish to donate cash instead, Reta will be happy to accept it and shop for you. Pat Kilburn, Indian Fair and Market chair, will be at the Brunch to kick-off Fair activities and merchandise will be available for the first time. The Brunch will again celebrate long-time Guild members with the Lifetime Achievement Awards. This function is in lieu of a December Guild meeting.

Shelley Mowry announced the Copper Canyon, Mexico trip from March 5-13, 2014. Details will appear in the December issue of Artifacts. In the future, she is planning a fall trip in October to Mesa Verde and Canyon de Chelly. A third trip to Santa Fe will be planned for late fall. It will feature the Georgia O’Keeffe Ghost Ranch and Santa Clara pottery and much more. It will be based out of the LaFonda Hotel in Santa Fe.

Phyllis Manning gave info about the January 9th Short Course taught by Jackie Kemmer on four Thursday mornings. She also announced a new Short Course taught by Linda Hefter on the O’odham beginning in February. Registration is happening at this time.


David Rothberg introduced Guild member, Dr. Leonard Ritt, retired professor from NAU. Dr. Ritt educated us on Apache Watch Pockets. He started collecting and researching the watch pockets because they were collectible, small, touchable and affordable. He showed many examples of his collection and informed us that most of the pockets are Apache but some were also made by other tribes. The oldest ones date between 1887-1894. They were often sold around traveling shows and expositions around the country. It was an entertaining and educational presentation enjoyed by all.

Meeting adjourned at 11:40.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue Snyder, Secretary.