2013 Board September

SEPTEMBER 11, 2013

President Rod Passmore called the meeting to order at 9:30 am on Wednesday, September 11, 2013.


Rod Passmore, Susan Kolman, Jack Brock, Cathy and Hank Short, Shelley Mowry, Diane Leonte, Linda Hefter, Reta Severtson, Pat Kilburn, Richard Borgmann, and Sue Snyder. Guests were Mark Scarp, Liaison to the Heard for Ashley LaGravinese, Kenneth Lee, Guest Speaker from Salt River Project and James Pepper Henry, Director of the Heard Museum. Absent were Carol Gunn, Dave Newark and Judy Pykare.


Rod welcomed Dr. James Pepper Henry to the Heard Guild Board meeting. Dr. Henry talked about his experience and background. He said he plans monthly chats with President Rod Passmore and President Elect Susan Kolman and will attend as many Board and Guild meetings as possible. He looks forward to working with us and understands that volunteer organizations such as our Guild are the life-blood of places like the Heard.

He has been visiting groups with whom we have common interests. He would like to work with project teams from ASU, native groups, and groups designed to bring younger members to the Museum. We welcome him and look forward to a great future together.


Kenneth Lee, Salt River Project Attorney, at the invitation of President Elect, Susan Kolman, spoke about Heard Guild Governance and the responsibilities of the Board. He gave an excellent presentation covering the role of the Board. He said that it is important that we continually review the goals of the organization. This can and is done with having a three to five year plan in place. Communication is essential to any organization. It is also necessary for Board members to take every opportunity to be prepared and informed and to always look to furthering the goals of the Heard Museum.

2013-2014 BUDGET:

Treasurer Jack Brock presented the Budget for 2013-2014 year. It was presented to and approved by the Finance and Executive Committee on September 6, 2013. Budgets were prepared by all Coordinators and Officers. The budget is considered to be a conservative one with an anticipated contribution of $110,000 to be given to the Heard Museum. Revenue is always a critical variable. Pat Kilburn moved that the budget be accepted as presented. It was seconded by Diane Leonte and approved unanimously.


A motion was made by Reta Severtson and seconded by Hank Short to approve the minutes from the April 10, 2013 Guild Board Meeting. It was approved by all.


Jack Brock reported that the Treasurer’s accounts totaled $101,139 as of August 31, 2013. Of this $24,314 was in available cash. The Special Funds account included $183.00 in the Unrestricted Fund, $11,000 in Special Events, $14,257 in the Student Workshop Fund, and $26,195 in the Scholarship and Grants.

Hank and Cathy Short, Assistant Treasurer’s, reported $25,190 in that account. It includes $0 in the Library Fund, $25,051 in Notecards and $139 in Student Art.


There was a discussion concerning the change in policy last year that included allowing the Las Guias class to count their 186 hours of training as volunteer hours. It was decided that the policy would not be retroactive and will remain as approved last year.

Pat Kilburn reported on the successful completion of the Trade Show at the Civic Center on September 6 and 7th. She thanked Kathy Todd for her work in obtaining very favorable publicity and placement at the Show. A number of contacts were made that will be pursued for NC sales and some orders were also placed.


Shelley Mowry asked if it would be possible to extend the shop discount for volunteers as a reward for number of hours worked. The Board will ask Lucille Shanahan to do a review of all recognition levels of service hours in addition to the shop discount and make a recommendation.


Christy Vezolles, Cooky Tarkoff, Anita Hicks and Louise Wakem presented a report on the Book Sale. Their committee has worked since April 25th and over the summer to come up with a plan to continue the Book Sale. Cooky listed all the positive things that proceeds from that Sale have provided to the Library over the years. The committee proposed a three day event to be held in October of 2014 in Steele Auditorium that would include entertainment and book signings. It would be co-chaired by Louise Wakem and Donita Beckham. Other volunteers have been recruited to fill the necessary co-chairs. Storage issues were discussed and need more clarification. A big question that needs to be confirmed by all parties, including the Heard, is the understanding of “restricted funds”. As it stands now, the monies earned from the Book Sale would go to the Heard and the Heard would decide how and for what purpose they are distributed to the Library. Rod will confirm this with the Heard. The Guild Board will take up the topic at the October Board meeting. Rod thanked the committee for their presentation and efforts. See attached proposal.


Jack Brock proposed a change to Policy regarding the wording on the American Indian Student Workshop Endowment Fund. He recommends that the word “Workshop” be removed to make use of the endowment available for a wider variety of activities benefitting American Indian Students. After discussion, it was moved by Cathy Short that the work “Workshop” be removed from the policy. It was seconded by Pat Kilburn and approved by vote. See attachment.

Two other policy changes involving the Book Sale and Guest Speakers and Artists were tabled until October.


Jack Brock has been in conversation with Carlos Rojas and Joey Stillman of the Finance Department of the Heard. They recommend that we eliminate the position of Assistant Treasurer. This would combine our system with the Museum and make the accounting more compatible to accounting standards. The Guild Finance and Executive Committee voted on September 6, 2013 to recommend these changes to the By-Laws. It was also decided that the immediate past president should be added to the Executive and Finance Committee as well as to the Board.

Richard Borgmann moved that we accept all the recommended sections of the By-Law changes. Shelley Mowry seconded the motion. It was approved. See attachment.


The Heard Museum has a Visitor Access Control Policy. In order to be in compliance with that policy, Richard Borgmann presented a Guild Policy on Signing In and Signing Out. Guild members must sign in and out at the Security desk in Receiving when they are performing assigned duties in the museum attending meetings in Administration. No signing in or out is required for meetings scheduled through Museum Administration in Dorrance or Steele such as Guild monthly meetings, Guild Board or Education meetings. Security knows those meetings are taking place and the scheduled times for the meetings. Jack Brock moved that we accept the Guild policy as presented. It was seconded by Reta Severtson and approved.

Three options for implementation of the Signing In and Signing Out Policy were presented by Richard Borgmann. Option One, a paper sigh in/out record at the Security Desk in Receiving, was selected as the least restrictive and least expensive option. Cathy Short moved that we accept Option One. Pat Kilburn seconded the motion and it was approved.


Education –Diane Leonte

Diane reported that five Short Courses will be offered this year. Three will be overviews of the Home Exhibit both at HN and HC. Two new courses will be introduced with Linda Hefter teaching a Tohono O’odham Short Course in February at HC. Jackie Kemmer will be teaching a Navajo Nation Short Course in April at HC. Offering the Tohono O’odham and Navajo courses to Las Guias members separately will be considered.

The Las Guias class has nine people signed up at this time. The class starts on October 1st. Barbara Johnson will be teaching the class. Facilitators are Rusty Hale, Elaine Weston, Linda Muzzy and Rosalie Hill. Jaclyn Roessel will be teaching the class in the future.

Four LG members and Jaclyn Roessel will be attending the National Docents Symposium in San Francisco in October. Jaclyn and Linda Hefter will be co-presenters.

The Heard North schedule will be managed by Museum Education Staff until a volunteer is found. Touring is weekends only.

No further committee reports were presented due to time constraints.

Meeting adjourned at 3:40.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue Snyder