2013 Board December

DECEMBER 11, 2013



President Rod Passmore called the meeting to order at 9:30 am on Wednesday, December 11, 2013.


Rod Passmore, Susan Kolman, Jack Brock, Sue Snyder, Judy Pykare, Pat Kilburn, Dave Newman, Diane Leonte, Shelley Mowry, Richard Borgmann, Linda Hefter, Carol Gunn, Reta Severtson, Cathy and Hank Short and Mark Scarp. Jerry Bryan was absent.


Dave Newark made a motion to approve the minutes from the November 13, 2013 Board Meeting.  It was seconded by Diane Leonte and approved by all.


Rod thanked Reta Severtson and her committee for a wonderful job on the Jingle Bell Brunch on December 4th.  The decorations were lovely, the food was delicious, and we had  great attendance with 135 people present.  He also thanked Lucille Shanahan for her super job with the Lifetime Achievement Awards.  The recipients were very pleased and the tributes gave us all a greater understanding of the early years and some of the history of the Guild.

Rod also mentioned the work that has been done with the Shop volunteers.  They recently completed their own Tune-Up type training and Shop Manuals were distributed.

Rod commented on the efficiency and success of having committee reports sent to all Board members before the Board meeting for their review.  It has resulted in shorter meetings and seems to be working well.


Treasurer Jack Brock reports a total of $213,159.86 in its three accounts.  There is $11,000 in restricted Special Events, $14,257.32 in Student Art Workshop, and $46,195.37 in Scholarships and Grants.

The increase in funds over last month is largely due to exhibitor’s fees coming in for the 2014 Fair and several special events where Note Cards are sold.  This month, Jack will add a YTD Profit and Loss statement to the report made available to the Guild and Guild Board.  Each Board member who has a responsibility for budgeted activities will receive a detailed report showing all expenditures and revenue for each of their areas.  Board members are requested to review the material and inform the Treasurer of any errors or questions.


Mark Scarp, Heard Museum Liaison, reported that Lee Peterson is looking for volunteers to staff a Native American Art Fair to be held in Litchfield Park on January 25th and 26th.  The Heard will have a table with information promoting the Hoop Dance in February and the Indian Fair and Market in March.  This is being done to bring in West Valley people to our events.  Let Lee know if you are interested.

Attendance is down in November but the Museum is looking forward to the Holidays at the Heard and increasing numbers of visitors.  After the first of the year the number of visitors typically increases.  Mark reports that the cooperation and sharing of knowledge between the Guild and the various departments has been outstanding.

The Board asked if we could have a new organizational chart with phone numbers and email addresses of staff.  Mark says this will be available on the new website.


At 10:00 am, the Board moved to the Encanto Room to provide an opportunity for Guild members who were interested in finding out more about the Bylaws revision and proposal coming up for a vote at the January 15th meeting.  The Board engaged in a very lengthy and informative session with two Guild members present.  The Board meeting then resumed as scheduled in the Dorrance Conference Room


Dave Newark reported that the HM is working on a long-range plan and they want the Guild to be a part of their effort.  The Mission of both will be the same.  There will be a meeting on December 17th and 18th of an overview committee.  That committee will include Rod Passmore, Susan Kolman, Dave Newark, Stu Passon, Linda Muzzy, and Jack Brock as well as Jim Pepper Henry and Bob Berendt (Planning Consultant) and others.  Dave feels that we will work together with the Museum and that focal groups will emerge that will be professionally moderated.  Our best bet is to be involved and wait to coordinate our plans. Director Jim Pepper Henry wants to have the plan ready for presentation to the Board of Trustees by May.


Carol Gunn welcomed four new members.  They are Jim Warner, Joyce Goldstein, Tricia Kallof and Sandra Shanahan.

She reported that the Museum is able to help with the collection of Guild dues and Heard membership renewals per Jim Weaver.  This would make it easier if both dues were collected at the same time.  There is a problem with badges for new members being done in a timely manner.  They are important as they give new members a sense of belonging, they are expected to wear them if they are volunteering and they allow access to the Museum. Carol is on the case and has also been checking other options.  New people like to feel included as soon as possible.

Jaclyn Roessell, Education Director, has been working on promoting memberships to younger people and groups with that she is in contact with. The Museum is also promoting the Heard at and through ASU contacts to attract a younger population.

Carol and Jack have asked to postpone their report on our dues until the January meeting.



Shelley Mowry reports that Louise Wakem and the Library Book Sale Committee would like an eblast asking for volunteers to help with pricing, sorting and packing of donated materials.  The LBS will be held in December of 2014 but they are collecting items already.

The Library volunteers are looking forward to their annual Holiday Luncheon.

The Information Desk led by Joan Jasso is looking for volunteers to staff the desk and will be having several training sessions.  Check with Joan if you have any free time and would like to help.


Judy Pkyare reports that the new exhibit of Native American Fashion which opened in November is receiving rave reviews.  In conjunction with the Fashion exhibit, HN will hold a Fashion Flash Sale which will offer vintage clothing for purchase from two collections that were donated to the Museum. The two day sale will include fashions by Lloyd Kiva New and Betty David, two artists whose designs are included in the Fashion exhibit.  The first day of the sale, Sunday, January 26, from 1-4 will be open to members only and will be limited to 100 guests.  On Monday, January 27, the sale will be open to the public and will be held from 10-4. On Saturday, January 25th, Dr. Jesse Metcalf will talk to us about American Indian Fashion at 11:30.

The popular series, “Nights at North” commences on January 29th with a lecture by mother and son artists, Barbara Teller Ornelas and her son Michael.  They will speak about Navajo weaving.  The reception begins at 5:30 with lecture at 6:30.

Volunteer hours at the North Shop totaled 216 in November.


Note Cards

Pat Kilburn reports that packers worked four mornings in Oct and Nov.  Sales of cards at Guild totaled $894 for Oct-Dec compared to $1664 for the previous year.  Weavers, Spanish and Ornament sales totaled $6039 vs. $4856 last year.  $1200 of the $1500 investment in the Gift Trade Show has been recovered.

Indian Fair and Market

The brochure has been printed and should be in the mail within a week. The Guild Website and Museum Website with links between the two is ready for business. Sales are good for the BOS rug with 75% of the cost recovered.  Merchandise was ready for the Holiday Brunch and sales were up from last year. All areas are on track with the big push coming in January.

Student Art

SASS is progressing nicely.  Information cards have been mailed to schools and artists who have participated over the last five years.  We included some new places this year using names provided by Shaliyah and Jaclyn from groups that they have come in contact with.  The full packet can be obtained online.  Not mailing the large packets will save postage costs.  Linda Jones and Jeanne Eder have also passed out the cards to events they have been attending.

All committee people are returning including our computer genius people, Susan Caulk and Jan Ringgenberg.  Thea Miller will be showcasing all of our items in MV and the luncheon will be managed by Gloria Johnson.  Deb Monroe is in charge of Judging.  Jackie Kemmer will again be in charge of Receiving. Chuck and Dottie Starnes will be in charge of returning items to students.

We should have a great crowd due to the fact that the Houser Opening will be the same evening as our Opening Night and Silent Auction. That date is Friday, April 4, 2014.

There are a couple of policy changes that will also be helpful.  People will be able to attend without paying an admission charge by entering thru the East doors of MV.  The discount on merchandise on the last day will be changed from 20% to 30%. This should make for a great event. New volunteers are very welcome.


Linda Jones and Jeanne Eder report that eight scholarships have been paid and two more will be paid for winter term.  Two are left but the committee is having trouble with students on the waiting list because they are unable to locate them due to non-working numbers, emails, and addresses.  They will keep working on it.


Diane Leonte reports that the first Ed Council meeting was held on Nov. 20th.  Attendance was less than hoped for but there were conflicts with meetings for the Shop and IF+M.

Diane announced a new status of Las Guias Emeritus will be awarded to those LG members who are retiring from guiding and who have toured for a minimum of 10 years.  They will continue to receive communications regarding LG related events and will be invited to attend New Exhibits Walk-thru.

Jaclyn presented an update on the trip to the National Docent Symposium.  The LG members who attended will continue to look at ways to implement some tour technique training into continuing ed.  She, along with the new committee will be developing a survey for LG to be sent out in January to obtain feedback from all members.

John Smith from Heard Security gave a presentation on the new security practices and policies that have been put in place.  The presentation and the video shown on how to react during any emergency at the Museum were extremely informative and as a result there will be subsequent presentations scheduled. Dates will be announced.

Speakers Bureau

Dorothy Sullivan will be arranging for a review of the SB opportunites to be open to all who are interested in becoming a presenter.  John Neurenberg is the new Technical liaison and will assist Dorothy with the review and in training new presenters.


Reta Severtson

Field Trips-The details of Shelley Mowry’s March trip to Copper Canyon/Mexico are online and a flyer is available. Trip starts on March 5th.

Guild Programs-David Rothberg has booked Ravae Johnson, Gifted Education Coordinator for the Laveen School District for the Jan 15th Guild Meeting.

Holiday Gathering-The Jingle Bell Brunch on Dec 4th was attended by 135 people.  Darrin Yazzie provided beautiful guitar music thanks to Pat Kilburn.  Lucille Shanahan presented the Lifetime Achievement recipients with corsages and a lovely talk about each person’s contribution to the Heard.  Pat Kilburn talked about the upcoming Indian Fair and Market.

Hospitality-The Information Booth people will provide refreshments for the Jan Guild Meeting.  Reta, Sheila and Connie will inventory Guild kitchen supplies.

Spring Luncheon-Sara Lieberman reports that the event is scheduled for May 7th at the Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center.

Heard Guild Explores-Judie Carpenter reports that the next event is Jan. 22nd with Steven Yazzie and Jacob Medders.  Judie is doing a great job of placing detailed articles in Artifacts.


According to Richard Borgmann, the new Guild website is progressing beautifully under the skill and labor of Diane Leonte.  We hope to unveil it in early January.  The Board will have the opportunity to see it before we go public.  The transition of all Guild and Museum website files from one server company (Hostgator) to another (GoDaddy) is going on at this time. Attached to your committee report is a revised “Technology for Guild Leadership 2013-2014” which should be shared with your chair people.  It will be helpful with a list of current alias email addresses and includes the Guild Policy regarding Mass Email Distribution.

The Database Specialists (Jan Ringgenberg and Rita Baker) did some serious shopping and found an excellent laser printer for use by the Exhibitors Committee and Student Art for less than $100.


The January Board Meeting will feature a presentation by a member of the Board of Trustees to help us understand the job of a Trustee.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue Snyder, Secretary