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The Guild arranges trips each year for Guild and Museum members only. Not only will you travel with people who share your interests, you will have the finest interpretive guides who are experts in their fields. Most trips are in the Southwest but sometimes we travel further afield.

Heard Museum membership is required for all participants.  If you or your travel partner aren’t museum members, please visit and click on the support tab on the top banner of the home page for information on how to join. 

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Guild 2017 Trips

Heard Museum membership is required for all participants. If you or your travel partner aren’t museum members, please visit and click on the support tab on the top banner of the home page for information on how to join

Beyond the Loom – Navajo Weaving Tour May 3-7, 2017

Join the Heard Guild for another introspective experience into the world of the Navajo Weavers.

Led by second generation and lifelong trader, Mark Bahti with logistics and driving by Stephen Bernier.

We’ll spend five wonderful days visiting artists and traders throughout Navajo Nation, absorbing not simply their knowledge… but the knowledge and stories of their ancestors.

Through a wide range of activities you’ll experience and participate in the unique and various steps required to complete weaving process.

Sometimes this may be at an off the beaten path Trading Post or under a grove of Cottonwood in a beautiful sandstone valley.

We culminate the tour by participating in the Hubbell Rug Auction in Ganado.

This opportunity is very limited in participation. Contact Shelley Mowry for details:

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Beyond the Loom Registration Form.

Contact Shelley Mowry with any questions:

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Mexico City – September 5-11 , 2017

Join Stephen Bernier of South of the Border Tours and Richard Ellis, longtime resident of Mexico, for a fabulous weeklong adventure to one of the most fascinating cities in the world…..Mexico City!

Your time spent in Mexico City will be filled with the very best that the city has to offer.   We’ve chosen to stay at two of the finest hotels in the historic center of the city which offer the most advantageous locations.   The Grand Hotel of Mexico City is just steps away from the largest Zocalo in the world.  Our second property is just steps away from the acclaimed Chapultapec Park.

Highlights of the tour include a special walking tour of the Zocalo with Brad McBride, longtime resident of CDMX and economics professor at ITAM.  Brad has a passion for Mexico City’s rich history, particularly the buildings with historic and cultural relevance.

A full weekend at Chapultapec Park, the largest city park in the Western Hemisphere, featuring Chapultapec Castle, formerly the Imperial residence and the official residence of Mexican presidents until 1940. It is now the National Museum of History. Nearby is the Museum of Anthropology, one of the finest indigenous museums in the world.

We also spend a day at Teotihuacan. The vast archeological complex northeast of the city that dates to 100 BC and became the largest urban center in Mesoamerica at the epoch of  Aztec control.

This tour offers fabulous hotels and culinary experiences, incredible museums, fun and knowledgeable guides to assure you’ll never forget this wonderfully paced tour of this most amazing city.  Viva Mexico!!!

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Contact Shelley Mowry with any questions:

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Santa Fe – November 11-16, 2017

Join the Heard Guild Nov. 11-16, 2017 as we return to Santa Fe, NM.

Our tour begins with a visit to the Thanksgiving Feast day of Jemez Pueblo.  We’ll then spend four nights at the Inn of Loretto, passing the days  visiting the finest pueblo artists as well as Spanish artists; Ron Rodriquez (contemporary), retablo artist, Juanito Jimenez, and silver artist Lawrence Baca.  As always we’ll be treated to special gallery receptions, amazing culinary experience and the finest accommodations.

Limited participation.

Price and tour details to be announced.

Contact Shelley Mowry with any questions:

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The Maya Culture – Dec. 1-8, 2017

For the first time the Guild is visiting the amazing Mayan Culture.  This busy eight day tour will take us to the incredible archeological treasures of Chichen Itza and Uxmal!   We’ll experience the cosmopolitan city of Merída, staying in the beautiful historic district.

Explore the Yucatán Peninsula to visit the amazing Archeological sites of Chichén Itzá – once, the largest and most diverse city in the Americas in both population and architectural styles. A massive site featuring El Castillo pyramid and the largest ballcourt in the Americas.

We’ll also explore Uxmal. Known for the Pyramid of the Magician.  Our well planned itinerary allows for you to visit these vast archeological wonders multiple times with and without guides.

Through expert interpretation we’ll learn about their hieroglyphic script, art, architecture, culinary arts, mathematics, calendar and astronomical system.

It’s an easily paced tour that allows ample time to explore these amazing wonders of the world and ponder the magnitude of the awe inspiring feats of a civilization that thrived for a 3000 years.

Our expert guide Jorge Marín will share with us all the special places and hidden treasures along our route.

It’s a once in a lifetime experience… And this is your opportunity.

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Contact Shelley Mowry with any questions:

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Past Guild Trips

  • Northern Chihuahu / Mata Ortiz
  • Copper Canyon
  • Hubbell/ State Line Tour
  • Arizona-New Mexico Border
  • Tucson and Southern Arizona
  • Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks
  • Santa Fe Holiday
  • Apache Country
  • Navajo Reservation
  • Hualapai and the Grand Canyon
  • Kino Mission Trip to Northern Mexico
  • Mata Ortiz
  • Àlamos Music Festival

What Our Travelers Have to Say…..

The trip was of course wonderful, a sharing of knowledge, history, beautiful art and beautiful people.  But I thought I would share with you what I said without a moments thought when some one asked me what the best part of the trip was to me: hugging old friends and getting to know new friends.

Thank you for an amazing trip.  This trip was an immersion into the Hopi way of life, philosophies, artists, the land, etc.  Mark certainly shared his love and appreciation of all that encompasses Hopi!

Traveling to Mata Ortiz was on my bucket list and the recent Heard tour was even more spectacular than I could have ever imagined. First there was the Heard team…Shelly, Steve with South of the Border Tours and guides Greg and Bob. All were knowledgeable professionals who kept us informed, entertained, well fed and safe!

Then there were our fellow passengers…an interesting and diverse group whose common goal was to support these artists by buying lots of pots! Yes, we happily contributed to their struggling local economy.

But most importantly were the creative potters..both men and women who make beautiful pots from the local clay, natural pigments, and a simple firing process. We were most fortunate to meet the man who started it all, Juan Quezada and see firsthand how he and his family make the intricate beautiful pottery right in his own backyard. He inspired us with his generous teaching style and his simple but profound wisdom.

We were all changed by experiencing for ourselves the miracle of Mata Ortiz. Thank you Heard for this amazing adventure. ~ Jenny and John

I have been fortunate enough to take several Guild trips organized by Shelly. They are entertaining as well as educational: she chooses excellent drivers, knowledgeable guides, and locations that entice exploration. There’s always a variety of activities to please everyone, a balance between structure and free time, and pleasant but affordable accommodations.
I highly recommend these Guild trips! ~Donita Beckham

My wife and I had a thoroughly wonderful trip masterminded through the Heard and Tohono Chul Park by Stephen Bernier and Mark Bahti. Mark’s informative comments always added to and never interfered with enjoying the experience. Being able to have a direct and unfiltered experience is important to my wife and I and a reason we rarely travel in groups. Steve had an incredible knack of pulling off one ‘extra’ surprise after another. Whether it was an outdoor breakfast at Spider Rock at Canyon De Chelly or a BBQ at the Hopi Second Mesa, Steve did a marvelous job. Mark and Steve knew everyone and were able to get us insider looks at the Hopi Second Mesa, lunch at the Toadlena Trading Post, and a chance to talk to Billy Malone, one of the last of the old-time Indian Traders. You can never see enough but this trip opened up the possibilities. We have since taken two trips of our own to the Indian Nations and felt like knew what we were doing. ~ Bob & Joyce Veranes

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