Guild Education Council

Heard Guild Education Coordinator, Sue Snyder

Education Council Members
Tour Scheduling, Evie Smith
New Exhibit Training, Linda Hefter, Marlene Scholsohn
Education Exchange, Mary Lee Madison, Sheila Mehlem
Information Desk Liaison, Mary Endorf
Performance Review, Joan Jasso, Jan Lathrop
Evening Tours, Rusty Hale
Las Guias Class Facilitators, Lucille Shanahan, Sue Snyder, Jackie Kemmer
Short Course Instructors, Linda Hefter, Jackie Kemmer
Short Course Facilitators, Phyllis Manning, Elinor Rothberg
Attendance Recorder, Kathy Todd
Speakers Bureau Scheduler, Dorothy Sullivan
Docent Exchange, Phyllis Manning

Heard Museum Education Staff

Jaclyn Rossell
Public Programs and Education Director
(602) 251-0244 |

Shaliyah Ben
Outreach and Tour Scheduler
(602) 251-0262 |

Darian Begay
Public Porgrams Manager
(602) 251-0212 |

Karalyn Shirley
(602) 251-0250 |